Millennials And Consumer Behavior Change

Are millennials being labeled fairly? Various studies and articles have been published in an attempt to identify and label the attributes of the generation called Millennials also known as Generation Y. In TIME Magazine’s May cover story entitled, “The Me Me Me Generation”, they were characterized as lazy, narcissistic and possibly delusional....more

Are You Mom Enough? Beats Me; I Have Enough Trouble Judging Myself. . . .

I'm looking at the cover of Time magazine as I type, but it doesn't whip me into any kind of frenzy.  Jamie Grumet's childrearing methods are her business, not mine, and I'm not fool enough to let a tired marketing ploy influence me in any way, or make me either justified or angry.  Time must have been hard - pushed for controversy this week to dig up this old, tired topic.I'm not saying that I agree with her, but what difference does that make?  She probably doesn't agree with me, either, and again, what difference does that make?...more

The TIME Magazine Photo Shoot I Was Contacted For…What Would Dr. Sears Think?

There has been a lot of  controversy surrounding today’s issue of TIME Magazine.  A lot of anger, a lot of praise.  As someone who was contacted by TIME about being a subject in this photo shoot, what do I think?...more

Dancing With Elephants, Part 2

Reason #2 For the Recent and Alarming Contemplation of Elephants:...more

Obama & Reagan: There's No Comparison

Despite what Time Magazine thinks, there's really no comparison between Obama and President Reagan.Obama and Jimmy Carter? They're practically long-lost twins....more

You might find this article about Reagan's popularity and style interesting. ...more

Helping our soldiers COME HOME, the TIME Magazine interview with Tom Hanks

We Boot Camp our soldiers but we do not UN-BOOT CAMP them. I was struck by something Tom Hanks said in his recent interview in TIME Magazine:...more