Change Me

I am the habitual forgetter. You have all known me at some point in your lives. The blur whizzing past you at the train station, or the woman at the cash register rifling through a junky purse apologizing for forgetting where she put her credit card in her wallet. Yep. She is me. Tadah!...more

Baby Steps To Change

Sweet little Lebowski is currently learning to walk.  He takes 2 small wobbly steps, falls, cries... and starts over again.  He picks himself up, concentrates, takes 8 more steps, then falls on his butt.  It's quite adorable, but I can only guess how frustrating and challenging it must be for him....more

More kids equals more stuff done at work

Parents develop skill sets that no one talks about. In addition to awesome time management and the ability to function on a lack of sleep, we also have the ability to make up songs on the fly, invent games to distract children while waiting in line and even build super-cool forts out of pillows and blankets....more

How to Manage Workplace Stress

Workers seem more and more stressed every day....more

How To Get Things Done When You Feel Overwhelmed & Stuck

Do you wonder why you never seem to get anything substantial done, even though you feel like you are go-go-going all the time? Do you often wonder how you will ever get through your to-do list? Do you feel frustrated?  Maybe even stuck?...more

How Do I Get Started With Good Time Management?

As with many roads, the path to effective time management is pavedwith all sorts of good intentions. People sometimes have the dream,but lack the drive to take that first step and then keep moving up thepath....more

Do you struggle with procrastination? Take this test

This is a great piece about Caroline, a woman who struggled with serious procrastination and starting projects only to not finish them. A friend called her "butterfly brain" and her brother would call unfinished projects "a Caroline job."So she contacted the Boston Attention and Learning Lab and they brought her in for brain training. In this case, it wasn't one-on-one cognitive skills training, but rather "zapping" her head with an electromagnet for 8 minutes and some online brain training....more

Mommy Energy Helps With Your Magical 25th Hour

Mommy Energy is IT!Do you wish for more than 24 hours in a day? <Guilty!  Oh, the things I could get done in that amazing extra hour.>Instead of wishing for something that will NEVER happen, do something about your energy level!...more

Time after time

It changes slightly, but pretty much the same scene unfolds at my house every single day of the week.  I race around like a madwoman, trying to cram three and a half hours of activity into the two hours I have before I need to shower and dash off to work.“Can you slow down, please?” my husband pretty much begs. This request usually comes as I am yielding a knife.“What are you talking about?” I ask.  Confused.“You are flying!  You don’t even realize how fast you are going.  If you don’t slow down, one of these days you will really get hurt.”...more