Effective Time Management: My Experience with “The ONE Thing”

Effective time management is a tricky thing.You want to do so many things. Or maybe you want to do just one thing, but there are so many ways to go about doing it....more

Putting More Structure In My Day With Time Management

It's August and the summer is slipping through my hands.  I have not been able to get a grip on my daily schedule since June when I stopped working.  This is not good for someone like me that likes organization. I decided it was time to put my time management skills at work and at least set some kind of schedule for myself.  Since I will be working part time for awhile, I need to put more structure into my day....more

Feeling Unproductive? Here Are Five Easy Tips To Stop You Slacking!

 Everybody hits a slump now and then. Feeling tired and fed up? Struggling to do anything with yourself other than work and sleep? Have you got some kind of personal project you've been wanting to do forever but just can not be bothered to get on with? ...more

I Write to Live and Live to Write

When I started my 365 project, I had no idea how it would really affect my life and the lives of my immediate family. My project would entail a total re-shift of my priorities this year and within a month, it was evident around my house. ...more

Ditch Your To Do List

Manage your to do list and take back your freedomIt's your list. You control it. Stop letting the to do list control you. ...more

Time Management for Moms

Want to know the number one question I get asked on social media?...more

10 Ways to Work on the Road Without Losing Your Sanity

You’ve never been to Europe. The Eiffel Tower seems nice in pictures. Everyone says real Italian food is otherworldly (and sleep-inducing). Budapest sounds cool, and you’ve always wanted to party in Mykonos. But you only have so many vacation days, and you can’t pull off the trip work-free....more
I've never really worked from the road but if I did, a schedule of specific times to work would ...more

How to Make "Time Constraints" Work for You

Are you stumped by the whole “Time Management” and “Productivity” thing?Have you taken those “productivity” trainings and wonder how the heck you can fit those “habits” into your life?Are you perplexed by how to squeeze this whole “business” thing into 3-4 hours, between day job and/or mom-duty?Jenn Aubert from LearnSavvy.co and I jammed about “Time Constraint”… and how to shift your perspective to turn it from a challenge into a GOOD THING....more

Here's a simple rule that works: Don't be late

I could have written this article myself. I hate it when people are late. I hate it when I'm late (yes, it does sometimes happen, though very rarely and by a few minutes only). If you're going to be late for something, or you think you might be, warn the others ahead of time. "Sorry I'm running behind I expect to get there 5 minutes late" is a good way to put it. Send that as a text or email at least 20 minutes ahead of meeting time....more