Making the most of the summer...

I love the summer with it's golden glow, the scent of freshly cut grass, the sound of buzzing bees and chirping birds... I love warm evenings with a light breeze, sitting in the garden with a citronella candle and a good book. I love the time off work, the long days, the light evenings......more

Choosing a Family Calendar

Toss out the wrapping paper and let's get to work--it will be 2009 in exactly 6 days. Do you have a calendar yet? I do. It's a bit of an obsession, actually, one that has befuddled those around me. I'm generally a plugged-in, on-line kind of girl, but when it comes to calendars, I cannot bring myself to go electronic. I have tried PDAs--more than once--but to no avail. I need my paper calendar to manage my life, and I live by it. ...more

I like the fly lady calendar for my doesn't have pics but it has big squares or ...more

Tips from a Millionaire's Desk

In today's blog post from Wall Street Journal's Wealth Report journalist Robert Frank describes the complicated "Family Office" of AOL founder James Kimsey. Family offices are a necessary and serious endeavor for the super-wealthy. Mr. Kimsey has a chief of staff, a full-time accountant, and a scheduling manager who keeps his day organized. Then there's the housekeeping staff. And those are just the people who work in his home. ...more