Mistakes You’re Making With Your To-Do List

Morning dawns and the race to accomplish the host of tasks on your to-do list begins.  Your list of must-do activities propels you through your day, but is it steering you in the right direction? Streamline your life by eliminating these mistakes you might be making with your to-do list: ...more

Time Bandits

Time. Is it plentiful or is it stolen by bandits of the busyness of life? This summer has been an interesting one for my time management. We’ve been busy with parties, commitments to family, fun, rewarding projects, and me starting a business. When one gets this busy you start wishing for a little down time....more
I want time to read, I want time to sew. But... I do waste time surfing on the web.more

Yes, You Can Have It All

I have had quite a number of jobs in several different fields over the years. That means I’ve participated in a lot of job interviews. At almost every one of them, the hiring person told me the company or department was busy. Very busy. Almost without exception, when I took the job I soon found that was just not true. At least for me. I was soon able to complete all the work I had to do with plenty of time left over. At one job, I surreptitiously wrote most of a romance novel. At another, I wrote a nonfiction book. At a third, I took several online classes....more

24 Hours In A Day: 2nd in a 13 part series

Here is a twenty-four hour day.  It is the same twenty-four hours as my Grandmother's, her Grandmother's, and her great-grandmother's.It is the same 24 hour day that we ALL have....more

8 Tips to Help You Manage Your Time

A friend recently told me I used my time more effectively than anyone else she knew. I don’t know if I personally always feel this way, but I will say that I thrive on being busy. ...more
So true!  Too much free time kills it for me.  Morning person all the way!more

24 Help Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in one day? I get you. I totally do. Time management is a tricky thing. When I started on my work-at-home journey, the biggest struggle I had was time management. I don't have regular working hours. Sure, I don't have to commute, but being a work-at-home mom means I am also in charge of keeping the household running while keeping my business up and running at the same time. ...more
Time management literally makes a good practice for any practical approach to come up perfect in ...more

Thursday is my nemesis!

THURSDAY! Are you kidding me!Again? Already?How you mock me! You!with your button-down collar and bow tiepeering over the top of your wire-rimmed glassesholding my weekly report cardin you clammy handstelling me (AGAIN) that I have failed. You!with your ham-fist banging at my door...more

Making Ends Meet as a Freelance Writer

For those individuals who may be considering taking up freelance writing, there are a few very particular skills that you will likely need in order to survive. The days of starving artists are far from long gone, despite what some might think. It honestly does not matter if you are a writer, editor or even both. Freelance writing is a tremendously challenging industry. It requires constant hustle alongside networking, proper time management and project management in order to be a success or even to just squeeze by....more

My Time: Recovering Esteem, Discovering Dreams

In reply to the NaBloPoMo Prompt: What do you wish you had more time to do each day?(As a disclaimer: I am sick with the flu today, so please excuse this post if it's off!)  ...more

A List In Time Saves More Than Nine: 10 Tips for Planning Your Life and Living Your Plan

 Christmas will soon be here and as we get ready to ‘make a list and check it twice' or thrice or even four times over I came across an interesting post by Kelly Exeter which spoke to how making a list can help us feel less overwhelmed.  I not only agree; I’m so happy to know that I, the Queen of Lists, a...more