Not Quite

This week I'm on spring break from college.  I was looking forward to a week of rest, relaxation, and reading! was not meant to be.What I didn't realize is that the online classes at my school do not observe spring break.  AT ALL!!  Which meant I still had tests to take and a paper to write.  This is definitely not what I had in mind!...more

Five Easy Ways to Trim Your Email Inbox and Still have Room for Tiramisu

Lately, I’m obsessed with simplifying my life to make room for more quality living. Maybe it’s that old springtime feeling of needing to open the windows and watch merrily as the crisp linens flap in the breeze on the clothesline. Or maybe I’m finally applying my company’s “go small” methodology to my whole life, not just to the professional aspects....more

Spend less Save More: Make a plan

Time management for me was very difficult, until I realized that I need to make time for everything I can possibly do in a day and nothing more.  What I mean is   ...more

Monday Motivation: Power Down and Don’t You Regret It!

It’s Monday morning, and if you are like me, this means you are catching up on tons of email, writing out your weekly plan, goals for the week, and trying to decide what to tackle first. This Monday is especially hectic because last week, I fell sick after taking care of two sick children. Although I am not 100 percent better, I feel well enough to get in a full day’s worth of work and then some. This morning, only for about half a second, I allowed myself to regret not powering up this weekend. ”If only I had written at least one post, I may be a little further along this morning.“ No. ...more
I have been doing this since December, and it has made a world of difference in my family life. ...more

Let's Talk About Meal Planning for the Disorganized!

When I worked full time I somewhat planned the week's menu.  I cooked some type of casserole or large dish on Monday, Wednesday was religiously crockpot day (usually chicken stroganoff), Tuesdays and Thursdays were usually leftovers, Friday was pizza or something else easy and fast. But it was not really stressful to me because if I didn't have time to think about it, we could just go out or order out....more

6 Ways to Find Time for Creativity During the Holidays

It's that time of year when family, friends, and parties take over, and no amount careful planning can stop the disruption to your routine. Happy holidays! But just because your usual creative time is now slotted for Christmas cocktails and your in-laws are sleeping in your work space is no reason to despair. Put that creative brain of yours to work, and you'll find there's plenty of ways to get around these obstacles. ...more

6 Steps to Finish Any Project

Writing a movie script, running a marathon, developing the world’s greatest tomato sauce recipe. We all have that one thing, the thing we’ve been dying to do. We figure that if we want to do it badly enough, we will find the time to do it. We will be so motivated that it will get done. We start off full of energy and excitement and somewhere along the way it gets lost. Here is the magic formula you need to finish any project that you start! It will still be a lot of hard work, but there’s a greater chance you’ll do it when following these 6 steps…...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I Think I'll Be Eternally Grateful

Thank you, Dear Dr Romance:...more

Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed

We all want to have what it takes to succeed. But actually having what it takes to succeed is often much more involved than we know. When we do not or are not willing to look at ourselves objectively we often overestimate how far we are willing to go to reach our dreams. By not looking at our own behavior long and hard with honest eyes it becomes  very difficult to be able to see ourselves and our behavior objectively....more

Racing through life!

I've been thinking a lot recently about the high-charged, fast-paced society we're bringing our kids up in... we run them from one event to another; mother and toddler group, to weigh-in, to NCT group, to postnatal group... and that's just our babies! Feeling overwhelmed by the speed of life? (and worrying if your kids are keeping up!) Read more here... ...more