6 Steps to Finish Any Project

Writing a movie script, running a marathon, developing the world’s greatest tomato sauce recipe. We all have that one thing, the thing we’ve been dying to do. We figure that if we want to do it badly enough, we will find the time to do it. We will be so motivated that it will get done. We start off full of energy and excitement and somewhere along the way it gets lost. Here is the magic formula you need to finish any project that you start! It will still be a lot of hard work, but there’s a greater chance you’ll do it when following these 6 steps…...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I Think I'll Be Eternally Grateful

Thank you, Dear Dr Romance:...more

Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed

We all want to have what it takes to succeed. But actually having what it takes to succeed is often much more involved than we know. When we do not or are not willing to look at ourselves objectively we often overestimate how far we are willing to go to reach our dreams. By not looking at our own behavior long and hard with honest eyes it becomes  very difficult to be able to see ourselves and our behavior objectively....more

Racing through life!

I've been thinking a lot recently about the high-charged, fast-paced society we're bringing our kids up in... we run them from one event to another; mother and toddler group, to weigh-in, to NCT group, to postnatal group... and that's just our babies! Feeling overwhelmed by the speed of life? (and worrying if your kids are keeping up!) Read more here... ...more

Know Your Numbers

Every action you take as an entrepreneur ties back into your brand and your strategy. So, how do you know if you're being effective? How do you know if your business is viable? Profitable? Headed for the landfill? You do this via metrics and knowing your numbers. ...more
@paulag01 You're welcome! Good piece!more

Confession: I Really Don't Need More Hours In A Day

I'm embarrassed to even murmur about there not being enough hours in a day when there are working women with children that not only get themselves ready for work but feed/dress their kids, knock out a few household chores and drop the kids off at daycare/school before they arrive at work. I find myself to be a complete liar when I say I don't have time to exercise when it's not uncommon for me to see a coworker jogging during their lunch hour while I, on the other hand, use that time to eat. ...more
 @keeksaz You probably also notice how much more you can get done after you've had sometime to ...more

I ♥ blogging

Last October I started this blog with the help of “Complete Guide to Set Up a WordPress Blog and Make Money“. Several things precipitated my desire to start this blog. My freelance product design work had slowed down. I needed something to take my mind off my miscarriage....more

A Job is Not Just a Paycheck (And Other Observations of Employment)

I still don't have a day job. It's been just over six months since my boss decided he couldn't afford to keep me. And since I don't publicly vent, that's all you get on that subject.I've been unemployed before. I'm a legal secretary. A licensed insurance agent. I've worked for large corporations and sole practitioners. I'm excellent at sales, customer service, administrative duties and, no surprise, communications.But I can't seem to find a job. So I'm praying for income. Which is not the same thing....more

Spiral Notebook Sunday: Sunday, October 25, 2003

This week's entry is all about the numbers. So here, a few numbers to get you started. At the time this entry was written, Son-One was 15; Son-Two, 13; Son-Three, 12 and Daughter-Only, 9.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunday, October 25, 2003...more

Blog Fail

 @HomeRearedChef A spreadsheet! Okay, now I'm just plain awed. :O)more