Spiral Notebook Sunday: Sunday, October 25, 2003

This week's entry is all about the numbers. So here, a few numbers to get you started. At the time this entry was written, Son-One was 15; Son-Two, 13; Son-Three, 12 and Daughter-Only, 9.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunday, October 25, 2003...more

Blog Fail

 @HomeRearedChef A spreadsheet! Okay, now I'm just plain awed. :O)more

I'm Starved!!

I'm starved!!  Time starved that is.  As Christmas rapidly approaches, I feel the yearly panic set in of too much to do and too little time.Did they change the date of Christmas?  No...same time every year.  And every year I seem to lose time and it's here before I know it.  It's my own fault and at my age I should and do know better.  There are numerous projects I could have started months ago and didn't.  Now, they'll be crammed in to an already busy day or shelved for the year altogether....more

Is It Still Monday??

Seriously...is it still Monday?  I've been running around all day and feel like I'm not gaining an inch of ground!  I can't use the kids as an excuse...my nest is empty!  Even the dogs are asleep, so I can't blame them either. ...more

Are You Getting a Marginal Return on Your Time and effort?

Are you getting more than a MRTE (Marginal Return on Time & Effort?)...more

DotMine - Organization for Professionals, Families and Students

I have so many friends who have the latest smartphone – with all its fancy apps and productivity tools – yet, they still prefer to carry the good old-fashioned paper agenda....more

Hocus Pocus, Let There Be Focus

Life is full of roles, responsibilities and consequences; therefore, being able to stay focused is important when seeking balance in any overwhelming experiences life decides to throw at you. Success in life is nothing without being able to share it with others, and having the ability to focus will allow you to stay present when working and playing with others....more

Using a Kitchen Timer for Wellness, Better Writing and Time Management

Now that I’m working from home full-time at the writing lab, I find that I have to remind myself to get up from my desk every now and then. I just don’t have the regular distractions that come with working in a busy office with other people.My chiropractor noticed too. (She notices everything. I’m not sure how she does it.)...more

Entrepreneurs: Motivated Procrastinators?

It may sound like an oxymoron, but entrepreneurs can be the best at two things: procrastination and motivation! Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs for the simple reasons they are passionate about what they are doing, get a thrill or high from stepping out into the unknown, have a higher level of tolerance for risk, and love to start projects....more