Live better while sleeping!

This time of year I like to practice the fine art of hibernation. It’s cold outside, the sun hides for half the day and the blankets are plentiful. I also can’t function at all on less than 7 hours sleep. I’ve tried and it’s not pretty.This is one of the most obvious methods of strong self care and probably one of the most easily ignored. We make great (or not so great) excuses for not getting our shut eye. We have too much to do, we surf the net for two hours because its there, or we don’t want to miss a good show....more

Balancing Our Time Online

As a woman who juggles a writing career, two businesses, a family and a needy husband, my time online is very balanced between what I do and read. I choose reading smaller articles even if that means I need to click on links to obtain further information or be led to the sites or products they are talking about. I choose reading smaller articles online so I can write my articles, browse through hundreds of emails, read other job offers, and manage a business site or two. ...more

Time Management Tips: Simple Tricks For Busy Schedules

If you are like me, days just seem to FLY by! Whoosh... where did they go?  ...more

I checked my email, twitter and IMed someone. Distrations? What distractions? ...more

9 Time Management Tips For Social Media

One of the most prominent barriers to social media engagement is “I just don’t have time” or even “[insert social site here] is just a waste of time.” Agreed, Twitter, Facebook and the like CAN be huge time-sucks and the line between time-suckage and utility is a very fine one that requires a lot of monitoring and self-discipline.  Social media can be overwhelming and it’s all too easy to just start clicking on people’s profiles, following links to blog posts and generally getting lost in the maze of the interweb. Before you know it you’ve wasted 30 minutes and not done anything productive. However, once you are able to get past the time-waste factor, you can begin to see the benefits of being involved. I hope these tips will provide some practical methods to optimize your engagement. ...more

How I Manage Kids, House, Pets, and Work

In addition to working as a freelance writer and web developer from home, I also am a single mother to three beautiful and bright children, am co-owner of three dogs of varying sizes and live in a home that is over fifty years old and has seen better days.It's a challenge to balance all of these things and still manage to have time for myself and my partner.  You'd think I'd have some beautifully orchestrated process to ensuring everything is done but the reality is, very little of what I do on a daily basis well-planned out....more

Running Late

Living a life out of balance can become a habit.  A life that lacks focus and direction will soon become unbalanced.  When this repeatedly happens this unbalance actually becomes the norm.  It can begin to feel comfortable.  One major area that tends to quickly become unbalanced is your daily schedule. ...more

What a wise friend. It is very disrespectful of everyone else's time when someone is ...more

My Life is Like a Country Song

My Life is Like a Country Song There is no doubt I ...more

Vacation Madness

So the kids are out of school and it's time to hit the road.  The summer marks the official start of the vacation season and it's time for fun.  One of my favorite vacation destinations is Disney World.  I absolutely love everything about the House of Mouse. ...more