Practice Makes Perfect...Well Almost...

Good Morning!  ...more

Mothers Are Not Society's Free Source of Labor: Saying "No" to the Expected Favor

If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you. ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky   I almost broke out into the Hallelujah Chorus this morning. I would have, if I wasn't tone-deaf and didn't want to torture anyone who might be in hearing radius of the wailing that masquerades as my singing voice. So I had to be content with writing a blog post instead....more

The Art of Saying No

My manager recently told me that I have a co-dependant relationship with my co-workers.  She said this because I have a difficult time saying "No" when asked to do something.  By always saying yes - I am encouraging my co-workers to continue to come to me to do tasks that they either don't want to do or don't want to spend time learning to do.  This got me thinking... I am a people pleaser - not just at work, but in my personal life as well.  How can I get to a place where I feel more comfortable uttering that simple two letter word?  ...more

I Quit Instant Message, and Now I Get More Accomplished

But then something terrible happened. People started to message me all the time. Now, I dig all of you, and I would love to talk to all of you, but the bottom line is that you're not the only one messaging me and I don't have time to chat with all of you. I can't just switch back and forth between something I'm writing and the chat window. I envy your ability to multitask and the fact some of you have the ability to play at work -- I do. If you have openings to sit around and blog and chat at your company, totally contact me. ...more

Thanks for sharing the pain, AVFlox.

Once upon a time, 3-4 years ago, I used gmail chat. In ...more

(VIDEO) Anti-Social Multitasking: Are You a Techno Menace to Society?

I had a friend asked me about the Kord Campbell article in the New York Times . Kord almost lost a $1.3 million dollar deal because he was so busy multitasking he missed the initial offer to purchase his company. "No," I told him, "I actually make the time to be off of the computer." It isn’t my total connection to the world. I learned my life requires a balance. It is not healthy to splinter my energies into dead end tasks. More importantly, no device and no amount of busy work will stand between me and $1.3 million dollars. ...more

Sales: Planning Your Success

Sales arguably are the most important function of any business, but despite years of research it continues to remain an enigma. There is no denying the fact that no one knows a foolproof formula that can make a sales team deliver 10/10 results. However, this doesn’t mean that a sales plan’s success is based on pure chance. A successful sales person in fact tries his best to leave very little to chance by making sure that they bring down the probability of failure to a minimum....more

Time Management

 I don't pat myself on the back often, but I am confident in saying that I'm pretty darn good at time management and organization. Most of the time... okay, some of the time... really all of the time unless you throw a kink into my day, but kinks are thrown my way daily, who am I kidding? ...more

My Child Wouldn't Nap: The Day I Learned Perspective

John is gone and has been for weeks; he won’t be home still for some time. It’s okay. I miss him and Braden misses him, but the truth is that we’re used to him being away a lot. We have a rhythm we get into while he’s away....more

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The kitchen timer

I'll never forget the egg timer my mom had in the kitchen when I was a kid.  Despite being shaped and colored like a real egg, it was hard to confuse it for one.  With hash marks around its middle like the lines on a football field, it was easy to tell it apart from its likenesses in the fridge.  The egg timer never left the kitchen.  In fact, it often had a place of honor on the counter near the stove, or near the sink between a mama and papa bear salt and pepper shaker set.  By the end of its useful life, it had made its way onto a cute little shelf on the kitchen...more