Golfing, Special Olympics and Ballet Slippers with Pompoms

 My family is off today, helping with the Special Olympics.  YEA, for them, YEA for me.  I'm at home, alone, with peace and quiet.  Beerhound drove me crazy last night before bed, being his normal self.  I had to call Bonnie in to save me.  She's becoming a much better daughter and immediately came in and got him started on string theory and the explosion of the universe.  It's like pointing out a truck to bouncy baby boy. "Look BB, truck. It's a truck" ...more

Stealth Blogging

I'm stealth blogging this morning.My alarm went off at six and scared me. It shouldn't have, since I set it. But it's been so long since I've woken up to something other than Jr lifting up his legs and letting them CRASH! back down on the crib mattress, or Miss standing at the top of the stairs to our bedroom saying "I had a good, good sleep" and pooping her pants that it was startling....more