Following the Bread Crumbs

Cece has a client who got lost in “the forest.”  She told him the beginning of the story of Hansel and Gretel and focused on the bread crumb trail.  She talked to the client about what they could  put down as bread  crumbs so he could find his way home.  They wrote a story about it and the other day when they “put down the bread crumbs”  they brought the story with them that  he wrote.  This  helped him to finish off his part of the  story.  To complete the loop,  they spray painted white dots of paint along the gutter so wh...more

Up to My Neck in Work: 7 Links Challenge

Time is always of the essence for me since I am always running late. This week is no exception....more

Finding Time to be a Wife

In response to my post, "Working makes me a better Mom,"  Ness left an insightful comment and ended with "Some days I do wonder though where I’m supposed to find the time to be “the wife”…"...more

Time Stands Still

Yun was reading a post Cece sent along. Cece sends things to Yun since she does not watch TV or read  about horrible things.   The post  was written by a woman, a fellow blogger,  who was shot in the Tucson shootings a short week ago.  When Yun read the heart felt posting by this woman, when she read “I know time does stand still”, she felt the tug of her heart, and her body remembered what  it is like when time stood still in her life....more

My Monkey Artist

My Monkey wants to be an artist.  Inspired by her Grams, she has found something that brings her great joy.  To to be honest, she is pretty darn good at it.  The question now is where do we go from here?  Maybe an art class?...more

Time Takes Stigma To the Max With "Psychotic Nut Job" Mothers

Yesterday I happened upon a story from Time magazine’s Healthland on the results of research into why women kill their newborns. The first three sentences shocked me so much, I couldn't read further to learn about the study: ...more

Thank you for addressing this. People don't understand what can lead a woman to harm or kill her ...more

Food for a College Girl

Avoiding the freshman 15 is like trying to avoid the flu when all of your friends are sick. It's nearly impossible. That is, unless you have a super fast metabolism or just genetically skinny. Coming from someone who has never been skinny in her entire life (well except maybe in elementary school) that meals are social times especially when you are a freshman trying to meet people. ...more

Sit Back and Relax

Yesterday it happened again…I had the day off and filled it with a whole list of “To-Do’s”. Instead of actually taking the day off to relax and take advantage of an empty house, I ended up more exhausted than I would have been on an actual work day. But I had it all planned out. I was going to take my oldest son to the doctor at 8am, drop him off at school at 9am, go home and have breakfast, lounge on the couch catching up with Dexter, Mad Men, and whatever else was On Demand, maybe do a load or two of laundry, and take a much-needed nap....more

The Greatest Gift... Time

What have I accomplished today? What do others think of me? Am I meeting the expectations of friends, family, and most of all...myself? Many of us ask ourselves these questions at least once a day and our worth is determined by the answers. For some, success is measured by career accomplishments, the number of plaques on the wall, and a level of prestige that others admire. For others, it's a feeling of fulfillment at the end of each day, close family ties and friendships, and a sense of purpose in your life....more

You're Going To Miss This One Day...

When I was pregnant with Noah (our first child), at the baby shower thrown for me by my family & friends they told me "You're going to miss this one day". I couldn't wait for my pregnancy to be over (I was absolutely huge & miserable), and to finally be a mommy.  Well now Noah is four, and I can't understand where the time has gone. I do however finally understand what they meant. I miss everything, time goes by way too fast. Now we're already on to Caleb (child #3) who has just turned three months old on the tenth....more