Taking Care of You + thismom's Ice Pop Recipe

  Taking care of you. Taking care of me. I feel guilty for booking a 60 minute appointment with my RMT because Dear Husband wonders how to put our son down for his nap. Not his fault. I do all of the naps, because I like to. And DH works in the evenings. So I do all of the bed times. Every bath. Middle of the night wake ups. Every night.  Not to mention the other stuff that I seem to do most of. Like the laundry. The cooking. The cleaning. And l work a demanding job outside of the home every day.   I. Have. No....more

Sweet, Sweet Sleep

What is it about a clean home, eucalyptus spearmint wafting from the nearby outlet (courtesy of Bath & Body Works’ Wallflower) and two quiet children off doing their own thing upstairs, that makes me so… restless! I feel like I should be doing something, other than doing nothing.  That’s crazy, right? Having a few moments to myself to do absolutely nothing and feel oh, so wrong about it. How many times have I longed for ten minutes of peace and quiet during times of chaos? Did I really want that or was the idea of it so appealing....more

Catching fireflies

What a day. The sun’s shining, the birds are singing, the A380s are flying overhead (I live in the inner west) so I grabbed Crash* and threw a rug on the lawn and we surveyed our sparkling surrounds. In between eating grass my 8 month old soaked in the scenes. He’s been trapped indoors by rain for about a week and he couldn’t really contain his joy at finding there was a world outside his colourful rubber mat and the table he’s been systematically pulling himself up on and then falling off. ...more


I am so happy it's Friday!!  I have been a whirling dervish this week and still have a couple more events to attend this week.  I haven't even seen my husband in two days!!! When I was younger, I guess I pictured the empty nest days as being quiet and boring.  Boy, was I wrong!!  With an empty nest comes the invaluable gift of time.  Time to pursue interests.  Time to pursue dreams that were put on hold while raising your family.  Time to attend events, where you don't have to worry about being home before school bedtime....more

Turning 50 in a Social Media World

Time. A noun. Verb....more

Is Now the Right Time to Buy a House?


The Working Mum

 Milo riding the hoover like a car! ...more

Week 16-Lesson 16: Time Takes Care of Everything

What's your biggest obstacle right now? Bills, too much work, an argument with a friend, family member or co-worker, what to cook for dinner? Big or small, there always seems to be a crisis of some sort. At least that's the way it appears. Have you ever noticed that whatever you were obsessing over last year at this time isn't even on the radar now? Can you even remember what the crisis of the day was last year? Sure, the very BIG crises--divorce, disease, a death in the family--are not forgotten easily. We still feel pain from these, but the weight is not as heavy as it once was....more

Even if you don't have time...

Perhaps you work more than one job, you're busy with the kids and grandkids.  Perhaps your health isn't the greatest or you're just flat out pressed for time in your busy day.  Did you know you can still help a charity? ...more

April 10, 2011: Where Has the Time Gone?

Where is the time going?  It seems as though it simply slips through my fingers and the next thing my children are grown and I am 56 and I wonder how on earth did this happen? It was only yesterday I was a student in nursing school with four children and a husband.  I went to school, managed the kid’s schedules, came home and made dinner for six every night, got the kids washed, homeworked and into bed and then studied myself....more