My Most Hated Word

I am 49 years old.  And without being excessively morbid, the reality is that I am running out of time.  Time to do the things that make me happy, time to spend with the people I love, time to surround myself with the people who love me. ...more

Common Courtesy

I have a thing about timeliness.  Like a big, huge thing.  Like a deal-breaker kind of thing.If I have an appointment, I am there 20-30 minutes early.  If I am expected at a new location, I map out my route ahead of time to make sure I am there on time.  If you're picking me up, I'm ready and waiting to walk out the door when you arrive.  I consider these actions the basis of common courtesy....more

Cheat Sheet: Quickly Calculate How Long it Takes to Double Your Money

The process of getting a firm grasp on one's finances can be overwhelming, for sure, but there are numerous convenient tools that can be used to make quick calculations and one such tool is the Rule of 72.The Rule of 72 is a mathematical shortcut which you can use to quickly calculate roughly how long it will take for your money to double (not taking into account inflation or taxes) assuming you start with a fixed amount of principal at a fixed annual interest rate and don't add a penny to it.Here's how it works:...more
@Pawngo Thank you so much for your positive feedback about the post. Love knowing that you ...more

Time Alone

Later this month, my husband is scheduled to be out of town for training.  I'm looking forward to his trip and always do when he travels.  Why?  Because it's me time...just me....more

It's Time.

Time passes.  You don't see it most of the time.  More often than not, when we are feeling the stress, it feels like time actually stops.  But it doesn't.  It keeps going.  And if we don't get on top of issues, they tend to grow.  Or they will prevent growth. ...more

Compare the Apologies: Ed Schultz versus Mark Halperin. What do you think?

Media matters, coverage matters, talk shows set tones for viewers.  So what does the difference between the two apologies mean? If you are wondering what I'm talking about -- my first reaction to Halperin calling President Obama "a kind of a dick" on a morning talk show can be found here....more

Do You Think Time Is the New Money?

Despite the fact that I didn't have time to do it, I met a long-lost friend for a chat today. I was twenty minutes late because my GPS took me to a house seven miles from the coffeeshop. I burst through the door, beyond stressed, to see her cheerfully sitting there waiting, looking as chill and summery as a blossom....more

I squeeze all my workouts into bizarre pockets of time, and one of the things I miss is being ...more

Taking Care of You + thismom's Ice Pop Recipe

  Taking care of you. Taking care of me. I feel guilty for booking a 60 minute appointment with my RMT because Dear Husband wonders how to put our son down for his nap. Not his fault. I do all of the naps, because I like to. And DH works in the evenings. So I do all of the bed times. Every bath. Middle of the night wake ups. Every night.  Not to mention the other stuff that I seem to do most of. Like the laundry. The cooking. The cleaning. And l work a demanding job outside of the home every day.   I. Have. No....more

Sweet, Sweet Sleep

What is it about a clean home, eucalyptus spearmint wafting from the nearby outlet (courtesy of Bath & Body Works’ Wallflower) and two quiet children off doing their own thing upstairs, that makes me so… restless! I feel like I should be doing something, other than doing nothing.  That’s crazy, right? Having a few moments to myself to do absolutely nothing and feel oh, so wrong about it. How many times have I longed for ten minutes of peace and quiet during times of chaos? Did I really want that or was the idea of it so appealing....more

Catching fireflies

What a day. The sun’s shining, the birds are singing, the A380s are flying overhead (I live in the inner west) so I grabbed Crash* and threw a rug on the lawn and we surveyed our sparkling surrounds. In between eating grass my 8 month old soaked in the scenes. He’s been trapped indoors by rain for about a week and he couldn’t really contain his joy at finding there was a world outside his colourful rubber mat and the table he’s been systematically pulling himself up on and then falling off. ...more