The History of Personal Lubricants

Since the long lost days of masturbation’s past, while rubbing one off near the shadow casting flames of a cave-side fire, people have been looking for the ideal personal lubricant....more

"Star" Your Close Friends on Facebook and See More of Their Updates.

This is a screenshot of my News Feed. Look at how cluttered it is! The left hand navigation shows an exhaustive digest of lists, apps, interests and more. I can't help but notice ads such as Sponsored Stories and Recommend Pages. Ugh! So. Much. Clutter....more

How to Remove Unused Facebook Apps From Your Facebook Account

I've been using Facebook since 2004. Eight years of online information sharing, photo posting, networking and application authorizing. There comes a time where I need to do some "housekeeping" in my Facebook account. My biggest housekeeping priority is disabling all unused Facebook apps. This is highly important for managing your online security, which is why it's part of my Be Smart, Secure and Safe....more

What secrets do I have on FaceBook?

Facebook - the must-have social media connection to the world - is pushing us to its new TimeLine layout this week.  Or at least that's what it said on my profile.  In this new layout, I realized that I've been on FB since 2007 - wow.  That's a long time, I guess I've contributed my portion to Zuckerberg's wealth (though, I still am not sure how since I haven't paid 1 penny to check up on my friend's daily escapades)....more


The time has come.  Timeline for Facebook is rolling out and it's no longer a voluntary change.  It's here.I'm not going to be one of those people kicking and screaming.  Actually, it's just posting complaints but you know what I mean.  Facebook is free.  Free.  I'm not going to complain about a service I use daily that doesn't cost me a single cent.  Just not gonna do it....more

Create a Pinterest App for the Facebook Timeline - UPDATE

Editors note, April 10, 2012:...more
These instructions were easy to follow.  All done but when clicking on Pinterest App from ...more

My Thoughts on Facebook's Timeline

Do you have the new Facebook Timeline installed yet? There are no exclusive invitations needed to make the switch. In fact, you can easily do it by clicking here and scrolling down until you see "Get Timeline." When I first heard of Timeline during the f8 conference in September, I had lukewarm feelings about it....more

An Unbalanced Life's a secret. Right now I am at work. No, I am not trying to slack, there just isn't enough for me to do. This is incredibly frustrating. I have no time at home and too much time at work. I miss my children terribly. I spend my whole day with them getting them ready for School, ready for bed, ready for ...more

Thank you for the lovely comments and ideas, they are all great. I especially love the love ...more