2016 theme: ‘Bitches get stuff done’

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve spent a good number of days at the airport with my father-in-law, Ray-Dad, wrenching on airplanes. The Cessna 182 I fly is months overdue for its annual inspection and as a Christmas gift, Ray offered to assist me in completing the examination and repairs....more

Do Your Thing (Advice on Blogging)

I love to read, yet I rarely make time to get wrapped up in a book these days. With DVR and all my favorite television shows mid-season, I often opt to sit in front of a television rather than cuddle with a good book. On Monday, the weather was frightful and I had nothing left on the DVR. Normally, I would galavant around town, stopping at HomeGoods, Kohl’s, or Target, looking for nothing in particular and leaving the stores with items I really don’t need. Since I was in no rush to get hypothermia, I opted to stay inside....more

10 Reasons to See "This is Where I Leave You"

If you read This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper, then you are most likely excited about this film adaptation, which was released in theaters this month.  Image: Warner Bros ...more
ElisaC I like that idea, go deeper instead of feeling disappointed. I'll give it a try!more

Movie Blog Commentary - THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU

Are you closer to your siblings now that everyone's an adult, or was the bond tighter as children?...more

Amy and Tina Rocked The Golden Globes; Plus Argo, Les Mis, Homeland, Girls, and Jodie!

The 70th Annual Golden Globes did not disappoint. (Well, at least not for the winners and those of us watching from the couch...so many upsets!) Amy Poehler and Tina Fey may well go down as the most successful hosts in the history of the show -- the jokes were on point, the deliveries were killer, and the chemistry between those two ladies is impossible to deny (although was it just me, or did Kristin Wiig seem just the tiniest bit icy?)...more
I loved will ferrell and kristin wiig talking about the movies they saw ,hhilarious.!!more

[Video] It's Almost Golden Globes Time! Who Are You Rooting For?

Are you ready for the "most unpredictable night of television"? I'd mock NBC for calling it that (in the below video) but they're not entirely wrong... ...more
The person I've been lobbying for of late is Guillermo Diaz in Scandal. He is just tearing up ...more

FINALLY! Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to Co-Host Golden Globes!

The Emmys had us clamouring for it via twitter, and it appears that the Hollywood Foreign Press has answered our prayers. Former SNL "Weekend Update" co-anchors Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will squeeze all four of their feet in to Ricky Gervais' notorious shoes to host the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards this coming January....more
It's a great choice and yet another reason for why the Globes have become a much more ...more

Things That Make Me Laugh

The bumper sticker to the left is true for (of?) me. Usually, though, I'm giggling about something that happened a few hours earlier and it still tickles my funny bone....more

Shining a Light on Girl Power

Thoughts on NPR's new program: The Hidden World of Girls http://redroom.com/member/kelly-tweeddale/blog/shining-a-light-on-girl-power Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more

This Mother's Prayer for Her Son

I just finished reading Tina Fey’s first book, Bossypants. It is a smart, insightful and of course wickedly funny read that chronicles her rise from awkward child to kick-ass media darling. In it she explores everything from sexism in the workplace and Hollywood beauty ideals to marriage and motherhood, all with her signature witty intelligence....more