Dr. Romance: You Are a Gift

Dr. Romance writes: Each of us is individual, special and different for a reason: You are a gift to the planet.Anthropology tells us we are different because we survive better that way – the recombining of genes in sexual reproduction makes us a stronger species than cloning would....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Everyone has been trying to reunite me with my exes.

Dear Dr. Romance:EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE has been TRYING and FAILING at having me reunite with one of my exes…or Something like that. My asinine brother took out pictures of my ex-husband of 9 years and started guilt-tripping me. The funny thing is this: I remained on good terms with ALL of my exes for reasons. I have NO Interest in running into anyone who I shared even a short period of my life with and having drama. It serves no good. Hence…the good term theory....more

Guidelines for Being Better Understood

1. Seek first to understand. If you know your partner's frame of reference, you can speak to him/her within it. 2. Pay attention to how your words are landing. If your companion's response looks off the mark for what you said, check out what he/she is hearing.... 3. Focus on the solution that would work for everyone, rather than who's right or wrong. Only focus on the problem long enough to understand, then switch to what will fix it. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm in my late 40s and feeling very unhopeful about my future love life.

Dear Dr. RomanceI am in a terrible funk over a failed relationship that lasted 2 years and I thought would lead to marriage. We met online and now I'm afraid if I go online again, he will see my profile and/or I will see his. I took this breakup so hard, the thought of that happening just makes me cringe. I understand one can block certain online names, but if he has changed his how will I know? Also, can you give me any tips on getting over this? I'm in my late 40s and feeling very unhopeful about my future love life....more

Getting Out of Your Way

Dear Dr. Romance: I feel like such a damned freak.

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: is it natural for a man to masturbate?

Dear Dr. Romance: I am single man, I have question for you, is it natural for a man to masturbate? I normally, do it everyday, sometimes 4 times a day. Tell me if its wrong or normal to fantasize my cousin and she is a woman? Is it that wrong thing to do? I love to masturbate and to me its fun and great feeling. Do you have any advice. I want to know if there is anything wrong with me. I need your help.Dear Reader:...more

Surviving Loss and Thriving Again

None of us wants to think about it, but the standard definition of a totally successful relationship is the old, traditional “til death do us part.” Any time we love, whether it’s a life partner, a dear friend, a child, a sibling, a parent or even a beloved pet, we are risking the loss of that love. ...more