7 Reality Checks on Tiny House Living…and why we designed the Tiny+ Life.

There’s a not so tiny revolution sweeping the country for tiny house living. People can’t seem to get enough of these magical mini modulars. Clearly they trigger a deep desire for ‘the simple life’… as they did for us.  While less is more,  the underbelly rarely discussed, is that the design is way too tiny for the required stuff of life.  Missing in the tiny  house 'reality' videos are packs of toilet paper (who buys a 3 pack? ) linens, blankets, luggage, tools, sports, hobby equipment...all suddenly superfluous!...more

A Reinvented Tool Shed

In the summer of 2010, Jamie rode her bike more than 4500 miles from Virginia Beach to Portland, Oregon (and yes, I'm trying to convince her to write that story). When she got back to Vermont after her bike trip and a jaunt to Scotland with her Uncle and Grandmother, she turned her attention to creating a sustainable home as cheaply as possible with the added twist of ensuring she could easily close it all up and go on continued adventures around the globe....more

What's a Composting Toilet?

Though much less stigmatized and more commonplace than even 5 years ago, it still feels awkward to tell people  Jamie and I met online. Further blush-inducing is admitting one of the primary reasons I was intrigued by her profile was mention of her homemade composting toilet. A couple of messages back and forth and I learned it's a fancy name for a 5 gallon bucket enclosed by a wooden square and topped off with a nifty toilet seat. "Since I started adding waste from the composting toilet, my compost is the healthiest it's ever been," she said....more

From Large to Little: My Tiny House Saga

It was a cold, windy New Years evening. Logan and I were wrapped up in the covers; he was surfing the internet and I was reading a book. It was a perfect and cozy night to be at home.Suddenly, Logan looked over at me and said: "Tammy, you've got to see this!"...more
I love this! My hubby & I have been dreaming of living in a tiny home ever since we first saw ...more

5 Simple Living Bloggers Show Downsizing Can be Smart-sizing

Early this month, I moved from what I considered a relatively spacious half-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica -- to a tiny, less-than-400-square-foot apartment in West Hollywood. I just tried to figure out exactly how small it is -- but I can't locate the measuring tape in its new hiding spot! In any case, the move got me seriously thinking about tiny living, downsizing, simplicity, organization, and efficiency. And thanks to both the economy and the environmental movement, many other women are rethinking their personal American dreams, wondering if smaller can, indeed, make for a better, happier life. ...more
I too downsized, moving to a studio apartment of 300 square feet.  It made me look at things ...more