Tipping the Teacher

Holiday Meals at Restaurants

For the past dozen years or so, I have spent Christmas Eve with my parents - usually at a restaurant. It is nice - no worries about dishes, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company before the round of Christmas Day family visits.When Laura and I became a family, she of course became part of this tradition. And witness to my stellar failures at having a 'local' holiday event....more

Want a tip? Customer service (or lack thereof) in Ireland

Customer service is important to me, and I fear it's likely to be a source of constant frustration for me in Ireland. My Irish friends who have visited America rave about the outstanding customer service. My American friends in Ireland constantly (and usually humorously) complain about the terrible customer service rampant in Ireland. I've listened to many horror stories and they have always confused me. The Irish are known for their hospitality, their warmth and openness....more

Holiday Tipping Etiquette: What's your holiday tipping policy? VOTE HERE.

It's a universal truth. Cash is king. We all know that.But, this time of year, when you want to give a little something to show your appreciation to certain people in your life who aren't family and who aren't friends but who you probably interact with more than certain family and friends, cold hard cash might seem, well, cold and hard....more

The Spirit of Giving (Too Much?)

Years ago, I attended a friend's wedding that had lots of elements of questionable taste. One of them: The wedding invitation. Tucked inside was a note reading, "Because we are blessed to have everything we need, in lieu of gifts please make a donation to our favorite charities X or Y. Make the checks payable to us and we will distribute the money evenly." ...more

I can definitely understand that. I once worked at a job where shortly after starting, was ...more

Tipping in Our Economy: Ideas needed

http://DebtPrincess.blogspot.com http://www.twitter.com/Debt_Princess I was dumb. I am broke. I'm learning, took me long  So I'm sitting in my room in the Fairfield Inn. The kids and I are spending the week here while the kitchen, plumbing, electricity and bathroom all have work done on them this week. The kids and I have deemed it, "Our HomeTel." It's a 2-3 star hotel, nothing fancy. We got a very discounted rate through a friends & family program....more

Have Gratuities Reached A Tipping Point?

For the two plus years my daughter worked at the coffee shop, I would greet her after a shift saying,"How was work today?" ...more

Good topic...Maggie Mason at Mighty Girl wrote a piece last week about "coffee shop ...more

My 2 Cents

My 2 Cents" I know, the second post in one day, but you know what...I was in the car for a long time today.....so I had time to ponder some things.... I BELIEVE: 1.  In over tipping.... 2.  In love at first sight....either the zazazu is there or it isn't.... 3.  Every women should have a juicy past...but be content to leave it behind.... 4.  Guys that wear thick gold chains and pinkie rings have an inner "jack ass".... 5.  It is OK to drink wine out of the bottle if no glass is available.... ...more

An Open Letter

Dear Restaurant-goer, Hi, It's me. Your server from last night. After a grueling, thankless night, I spoke with my fellow servers, and we decided that the only reason some of you are so rude is because you are sadly uninformed. I elected myself to give you a few hints. This may not apply to all of you, so if you treat servers like people and tip well- you may want to skip this post. ...more

Ack, you poor thing. I think everyone should be forced to work restaurant/barista/retail for at ...more