Popular eBay Products For Women

Image Credit: Telegraph.co.ukIt’s in women nature to spend time when it comes to saving money. Most of the consumers on shopping sites like eBay, Amazon first do research in finding a trustworthy seller, price guarantee and last but not the least is the product quality. Research shows that women browse mattresses, jewelry, beauty products, accessories while men customers tend to browse gadgets, vehicle parts....more

4 Tips every Solo Traveler Should Know

Travelling solo is an experience that totally changes your soul. A lot of goodness is added, and you are never the same person who went on that solo trip. If you have never been on a trip like that but are resolute to do so in the New Year, you must read the 4 tips every solo traveler should know about. These will not only inspire you but also give you a perspective of the real aspects of a solo traveler’s journey. Solo travel takes you beyond your inhibitions and prejudices – not just changing you but evolving you as a different being full of wisdom, wit and hearty laughs....more

Color Correct Monitor – The Ideal Monitor for Photography

Understanding the principles of monitor calibration is critical for any photographer who wants to achieve accurate and predictable photographic prints. If your monitor can not correctly reproduce the shade and color, then, all the time spent on editing and post-processing of the image can actually be spent in vain....more

How To Master The Acoustic Guitar

And acoustics is very important for people who engage in music. A lot of people always want to play guitar but give up to easily while most will blame it on the lack of chances other blames complains “this stuff hurts my finger I don’t need it anyway!” But those that made it to the end has a lot to gain in the end....more

Tips To Fix a Broken Luggage zipper

Image Credit: sbs-zipper.comImagine yourself going on a relaxing vacation, taking your luggage across the hall and waiting in the lobby. Then you suddenly remember to read that last chapter of your book and open your bag. You notice a ziiiippppp sound, and there you have It in your hand — the luggage zipper, broken....more

Learning Desing & The Programs I Use

Since the blog has a new look and I've become more intentional with the direction and focus of the blog, I thought I'd share a bit about how I create and edit images. There are a number of programs available and it's only more recently I use more than one. Now I know how to use a few different programs, which are all helpful....more

The Top 7 Beauty Uses for Petroleum Jelly + Recommended Product from Waxelene : The Petroleum Jelly Alternative

Petroleum Jelly = Beauty Uses Galore!This tried-and-true product has been an affordable & easy solution to a variety of beauty issues for centuries! The raw material was actually discovered in the late 1850's and by 1870, it was recognized as a product that offered up healing properties for burns and minor wounds....more