Making a Square Circle Skirt

     I am off to an excellent start on my 12 crafts in 12 days.  The first project I chose to work on was the square circle skirt from Make it & Love it.  This blog has too many awesome tutorials; yes, that's a possibility!...more
AneliseN Awesome resource! I took a gander at your blog too. I love that red furry coat. That is ...more

An Inspired Kitchen

An Inspired Kitchen is a blog dedicated to inspiring the everyday cook with recipes, photographs, tips, and great ideas to entertain with ease....more

Five Foodie Facts Worth Knowing

5. From Grill to Broiler –As a Manhattan dweller I’m always disappointed I can’t grill a good steak on a hot summer’s night, but I’ve started taking serious advantage of my broiler. Think of the broiler as an inverted grill – steaks, pork, or chicken will take about 10 minutes to cook, and of course you can always use the broiler to get a nice little crust on just about anything. But beware, don't ever leave a broiler unattended or prepare for a serious singe. ...more

Tips For A Beginner Cook

I've been spending time thinking about my place in the culinary world. I'm not trying to pretend that I'm a fabulous, famous food blogger or that I'll be the next big thing (although it's a dream of mine to open a successful restaurant one day). For now, what I am is a girl who is desperately in love with food, flavors and cooking. Do I know all the fancy techniques? No. Do I know all the proper terminology or proper knife skills expected of a professional chef? Most definitely not. ...more

Organic or Chemically Enhanced?

falling in love with Fall

Perhaps no one loves the changing of the seasons more than I.  The smell of the crisp leaves burning to an ash from your neighbors’ yard, the crunching of the dried fallen leaves under-foot as you kick-step your way down a winding path that is littered with Autumns’ foliage.  Also, the chill in the air that signals to all, that winter is soon to make its  d’ebut into the year.  As this time comes near many of us query to oneself, ”why do we get or are so blessed with this bounty of colors?”  I am sure that most of us have learned while in Sabbath School, that God cr...more

Re-purposing Foods: Not Just About Frugality

Re-purposing the foods you've enjoyed in one form that don't merit dumping down your food disposer isn't simply a matter of being frugal, it's an approach replete with mutiple obvious and hidden benefits!...more

4 Websites, 4 Great Ideas, All 4 You from BlogHer '11

One last BlogHer-related post...This time, I'm sharing websites and online services that I was introduced to during the conference, and, in my Goddess-like estimation, each one is way cool in its own right. ...more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Fresh Peach Pie with Cinnamon Crust

Well the clock's winding down on peach season, and so I made sure to hit the Farmer's Market and grab some more so I could crank out this year's ritual pie, which turned out to contain first a cosmic accident, and then a cosmic food epiphany—and all due to creeping senility.Go figure....more
@Jean Stites It's the only way to go! I want a piece with my morning coffee!more