Beat The Bloat

Do you feel bloated even though you think you are eating right? When you’ve been working out so hard and eating right, you want to see and feel the rewards. There are some days you just feel and look bloated, but your not quite sure why. We have done a little research for you, so that we can solve your problem. We found what you should avoid that causes you to bloat and what you should take to relieve this....more

FOTD - Everyday Makeup

Tips and Tricks for Veggie Haters

Eat your vegetables! You need three to five servings of vegetables a day! I have been hearing this for as long as I can remember. The problem is…I hate veggies! Ok, I don’t hate all veggies, just most of them....more

Talking Shop: Stab Wounds and Kitchen Ninjas

Question: “Do cooks actually use cake testers?  I’ve seen them, but I’ve never heard of anyone actually using them.”  -Phil O  Sacramento, CA...more

The Spa Maternitee

When I was on bedrest lockdown, I received an email from my Momm2 (my college roommate’s mother) reminding me to really own my situation. As a follow up to this week’s tips to navigate the NICU, here are some tips to relax should you find yourself on bedrest in baby jail - or on an unexpected stay in a medically-staffed sterile resort. **********...more