Overwhelmed, Overworked, Underpaid, with a Big Dose of Headache, Anyone?

Alright, my original plan was to blog about something positive, something for which I am thankful. However, I have a splitting headache, which started early this morning. I have just put down two children to bed, who clearly are not sleeping. There are two other children who aren't doing what they're supposed to do. Two online classes I am teaching turned in assignments the day before yesterday, for which I have done zero grading. One of the classes has officially ended; so, I don't have much time to grade that assignment and work on final grades....more

Too dazed and tired

This cursed Daylight Savings still continues to impact the children and my sleep schedule, or lack thereof. I had gotten the twins to sleep. Then, I got the girls their dinner and got them taken care of. From there, I went to "rest," with the intent of getting up to write not only for the NaBloPoMo but to work ardently on my NaNoWriMo. I am frustrated I went a day without posting.I fell asleep until 4:30 am, when the twins woke up ready to conquer the world.Now I have some catching up to do....more

Motherhood… a whole other level of EXHAUSTION.

I am exhausted. I am physically and mentally tired so often that I honestly have just stopped recognizing how exhausted I really am. I am a perfectly healthy active young woman (well… young may be exaggerating), yet I feel like I am constantly just overcoming the feeling of being worn out. I look around and I see other moms that have just as much on their plate that always seem to look like they are full of energy. Am I missing something?...more

The Art of Juggling

When I found out I was pregnant, it was overwhelming. I've always been the nurturing type but I was so set in my ways that the thought of being responsible for someone else terrified me. Fast forward ten months and I realize I was right. Raising a child IS overwhelming. I'm sitting in the living room with my baby boy wrapped in my arms, (okay one arm because I am typing this) and there are clothes still in the washer from yesterday. Dishes in the sink from last night....more

Do You Suffer From Mom Brain?

I’ve always said that our intelligence is highest when we are babies. We probably know all of the answers to the universe but we just can’t say anything or let anyone know what we are thinking. As we get older, we start losing some of our brain power. It comes to a head with what I call “Mom Brain.” It’s very similar to what my cancer-survivor father calls “Chemo-brain,” but “Mom Brain” isn’t caused by cancer. It’s caused by children....more
The most alarming this is, I'm still yet to give birth! God forbid when the baby comes, I might ...more

A Sleepy State of Mind

(originally posted on My Really, Real Reality) I stayed up too late this weekend.  Every night I was up past my bedtime.  I'm not as young as I used to be.  I'm a gal who needs her rest.  I chose to ignore that this weekend.  Today, I pay for it. I'm in that sleepy place.  The one where I'm running on auto-pilot.  The one where my mind doesn't really productively function, but rather just goes through the motions.  The one where...more
Yes! I was just about to that point on Tuesday!more

The Glowing Parents - and then there's Us.

We have a friend who recently had a baby and she just seems to glow.  I don't.  There was a point after our second baby when I felt pretty on top of things - full of energy and focus, good cheer and self-discipline.  But all that is gone. ...more

Sleep Deprived

I was SO tired, I...1. Poured my milk on my pasta instead of in my cup2. Balanced the hot frying pan on my chest3. Drank a full mug of coffee, before realizing it was just hot water and not coffee at all.Those first two examples were stolen from my friends' Facebook pages.  One person is a nursing student working and studying all sorts of crazy hours.  The other is an already established mom, with a newborn.  The third one was my own doing....more

I can't catch up!

Run, run, run, run, run.... that's what [I feel] I'm always doing. Like I'm running downhill, and my legs get the better of me, and they just run faster and faster until I can't manage anymore, and I start tripping over my own feet until I finally fall flat on my face.S-P-L-A-T!Whether physically or mentally, either way, I'm always running to go somewhere or trying [unsuccessfully] to catch up on something that's late. My "to-do" list is never ending and always growing....more

How do you do it?

How do you get up, help the kids get ready and show up to work on time when you've barely had 2 hours of sleep? How do you wake up with a smile and not be crabby all day when you've been up all night with a snotty crying toddler? How do you stay awake at work when your child woke up at midnight, with an aching mouth from his growing molars, and screamed all the way through until 4:07 a.m...more