Are you a tired Mama? Are you being listened to?

The fatigue that accompanied mothering when the children were young was sometimes crippling. A day of stress on top of stress took a toll. By the time their dad came home, I was a depressed puddle of a mess. One thing that invigorated me was going to a mom’s group, or a homeschool mom’s group.  We would gather, swap war stories, share ideas, and pray for one another.  Going to one of these meetings was sure to lift my spirits. ...more

A Lesson in Dirty Dishes

As I stand here for what feels like the millionth time doing dishes, I feel the weariness settle in.Today being like most days passed by in a blink of an eye. The night is closing in fast and I feel the urgency to hurry up and get done so I can go on to the next task.I sigh deeply and think about all that still needs to be done before I get to lay my head down....more