Votes for Women!

A couple of days ago it was Gloria Steinem’s birthday. She turned 80 and there was much blogging about it. I, being a rebel, decided to wait a couple of days before throwing in my two cents.Gloria Steinem was born on March 25, 1934. Women had only had the right to vote for 14 years when she entered the world. There was STILL a shitload of stuff women weren’t allowed to do because they lacked a penis. Gloria noticed this as she grew up, and she didn’t like it. Not one little bit....more
Oh lady, I hear you.  I can't believe this is even a f*cking possibility.  It's like the world ...more

Lisa Leslie Talks Title IX, NCAA Women's Basketball & More

This year, Title IX is celebrating its 40thyear of existence since passing in 1972. Title IX allows women to have the opportunities that men have for a college education and college athletics. The product of the law is female athletes defying odds and inspiring fans while converting skeptic on-lookers waiting for them to make mistakes, all while getting a college education. Title IX also helped pave the way for professional women’s sports, like WNBA....more

Laila Ali on Raising Confident Girls, On and Off the Field

--By Laila Ali My family has a long tradition of sports and being active, and I’m excited about continuing that tradition with my children. For me, it’s about so much more than competition! The lessons I learned through sports have carried over into all aspects of my life and made me a stronger woman in the many roles I play as a wife, mom and business woman. ...more

Keep Title IX Alive: Parents Can Be Effective Advocates

With Title IX’s 40th anniversary next year, there’s good reason to celebrate this landmark legislation that has caused a revolution in sports and throughout education. The law – a mere 37 words in total – provides equal access for men and women in federally-funded education programs and activities, including sports. Since Title IX’s passage, men’s and women’s sports participation opportunities have increased substantially....more
thanks for pointing these lastest maneuvers in skirting gender equality in education -- seems ...more

Secret to Success: Get Your Game On, Girls!

This month we enter the 40th anniversary year of the enactment of Title IX legislation, which ensures equal access to both boys and girls in federally-funded educational programs and activities, and I find myself thinking about what greater sports participation has meant for women, our daughters, sisters and sports as we know it....more

White House Closes Loophole in Title IX Legislation

Today United States Vice President Joe Biden announced that the White House was withdrawing a Bush Administration interpretation of Title IX policy. The policy in question allowed for a loophole that allowed for a less than strict compliance with the rules of Title IX.From Jill Dougherty, CNN:...more

Title IX Women in Athletics

  Hoops  ...more

What’s the Big Deal About a Female Head Football Coach?

What’s the big deal if we get the whistle and start slapping behinds?...more

Girls Can't Be Girls: Canadian Women's Hockey Team Knocked for Drinking, Smoking on Ice

I love it that the Canadian women's hockey team celebrated their third straight Olympic gold win in the same way they scored it:  boldly, fiercely, with strength and camaraderie.  I hate it that they are getting grief for it. I hate it that they (or Hockey Canada, at least) felt they had to apologize. ...more

Yup-Bang on! You said it very well indeed.


Women Talk Sports: You Have Got to Check This Out

What do you get when you take three female sports bloggers on a mission to promote women's sports? You get something amazing. You get Women Talk Sports. Women Talk Sports is an amazing site that covers almost anything you would want to know having to do with women's sports. Ann Gaffigan, Megan Hueter and Jane Schonberger founded a web community to support female athletics and issues dealing with women in sports. Check out their mission statement: ...more