The Disappearance of Discretion

I value discretion.But it seems as if this era of over-sharing and perpetual TMI has caused those around me to lose their privacy compass. I’m not paid to be the Decorum Police—just happily volunteering my time as a public service.It all started several years ago when I worked in an “open cube” environment, which meant our work cubicles were no more than a low border around our desk and work area. You could see the entire floor while seated in your chair. This afforded us no privacy whatsoever....more

TMI and not in a good way!

This seems to be the era of way too much information sharing.  And, I am guilty of that also.   While I tend to use more discretion with my online presence, in person is a totally different story.  This came to my awareness when I was shopping recently with my daughter.  For those of you with daughters (don’t have a son so can’t compare), you know that they are probably your most honest source of feedback, whether you ask for it or not.   ...more
Cindyhuber SunbonnetSmart.comHee-Hee-Hee, diet plan is to have everyone eat ...more

Is There No Privacy Anymore?

I love my husband to distraction. I won’t pretend that we never fight or say things to each other in anger. We are a normal couple. However, you will never see me air our fights and disagreements online. I will never post those little pictures / memes that denigrate husbands or marriages. You know, the ones that say when you get married you adopt a fully grown toddler etc. I have respect for him and for our union....more

In Which I Go All TMI Because I Need To

Well, hello BlogHer, it has been about a billion years since I have posted here. Or even visited to be honest. Why the sudden random post today? Well, I have womenly things to rant about and it's not something I would post about on my main blog and I am generally a private, prudish person and do not like to get too personal on subjects like womenly things. But I have had this post bouncing around in my head for a couple of days and thought this might be a safe forum to blog about it because you're all women and women often have womenly issues.So, here goes....more

Depo-provera? "The medicine must be injected into the thigh or abdomen four times a year" ...more

TMI FTW: Why I Need to Show You What's Been Ravaging My Body

LOOK. SEE! THIS IS WHY I HURT! THIS IS WHY I COMPLAIN! -- that's really the message I'm sending when I take shots of my IV-laden arms that make me look like a junkie or my kids making me smile in my hospital bed. ...more

...with "loss of control" .. that's exactly what blogging gives me.. the only control I have ...more

Are You Gonna Eat That?

Today's order: Grande Non-Fat, No-Whip Pumpkin Spice Latte I am hungry. I am hungry all the time lately. It's crazy. ...more