Home Automation and Future of Advertising

The past few years have given us the smartphone and the smart television, but the dream of the smart home – one where appliances talked to us, the blinds opened when the sun rose, or the garage door opened automatically when we pulled into the driveway – seemed to be lost on the horizon … until recently. Now, new technology is making attainable the dream of a smart home....more

If you got Swagger and you like to Dance listen to Laz and Cat’s Swagger Dance

If you like New Boyz’ Jerk and Cali Swag District’s Teach Me How to Dougie, listen to Laz and Cat’s new single “SWAGGER DANCE”. You can copy the Jerk or the do the Dougie, but if you got your own swagger you can make your own dance. And that’s what SWAGGER DANCE is all about, it’s about making your own dance move and having the confidence, or swagger, to do it no matter how crazy or ridiculous it is....more

Boston Hip-Hop Group “Laz and Cat” Releases “Tricity Vol. 1” + Airplay and HD Videos!

Check out the Newest, The Hippest, Most Freshest Hip Hop music act coming out of Boston, LAZ & CAT!  Their new release, "Tricity Vol. I," off their music label, Triceptus Studios, features a new crop of New England Hip-Hop and R&B artists including Jayo-City, The General, Mugsy , Ms....more

Tricity Vol. 1. is available on iTunes and Amazon, as well as other retailers including: ...more