Today Is A Special Occasion

I use my grandmother’s wedding silver every single day.I wore my brand-new “good” blouse to go teach a workshop last night.I made seven-hour slow-cooked, vinegar-basted North Carolina pulled pork yesterday because it was…Wednesday.I put on my yummy bright red lipstick to walk down to the convenience store....more
Profound advice!  Why wait for something good, when we can have it today!more

Yesterday is Done, Look at Today

It is magnificent to realize that even if you screwed up yesterday, today can be different. When you have done something wrong, it is not the end of the world, take steps to make things better. Sometimes people get so upset about the past they forget what a present the present day can be.  My husband has one method for dealing with every mistake he makes no matter how big or how small....more

Just For Today

Just for today, I willNot cry a single tear.Take time to do something that makes me happy.Eat something I love.Make a dent in my to-do list.Tell someone I love them.Forgive someone who hurt me.Spend time outside.Contact someone I haven't talked to in a while.Cook a nice dinner.Count my blessings. Have a fabulous week, everybody! Love,Jerri...more

Charting A New Path

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  I realize just what a powerful statement that is now.  I will no longer be dragged down by the past or allow myself to wallow in its misery.  It is time for me to spread my wings and fly.  And I'm making my own path.  I'm going my own way.  The way I was destined to go.  I will look to those who inspire me and encourage me as guides to point me in the right direction and warn me of possible pitfalls.  But I will go alone.  From this day on, I will start and end each day with meaningful purpose....more

Project Surf Camp

New Years Eve!

      Well, it is New Years Eve, I am still in the process of trying to figure out this blog.  I started two other blogs as well. I really want to get these up and really going.  What is going on in your New Years Day?  Mine is just a whatever day, the husband is watching OU play football and is all upset because they don't look to good.  We have been pretty upset with them all season, but next year will be all new and the season will be great....more


Dr. Robi Ludwig and Julie Potischman are the Psychotherapists made available to you at MyWorkButterfly. We have enlisted their services because, according to our National Mom's Survey, we learned that the number one obstacle in returning to work was the GUILT of leaving your kids. Hear me now, I am included in this statistic. This is my story:My son came home crying this past week when he learned that I was not chosen as a chaperon for his field trip to Ellis Island. ...more

for a time such as these

Oh, for a time such as these  ere's an ol' man called de MississippiDat's de ol' man dat I'd like to be!What does he care if de world's got troubles?What does he care if de land ain't free? Ol' man river,Dat ol' man riverHe mus'know sumpin'But don't say nuthin',He jes'keeps rollin' ...more

Take Care Of Today

"As you take care of today, tomorrow takes care of itself." (Happy Musings is a newspaper feature syndicated by King Features that I create each day to remind us all that “Life is wonderful!”  I offer it here to brighten your day.  Please share it with your friends.) ...more