Ann Curry Wears Heart on Sleeve with Tearful Goodbye

Today Ann Curry said a tearful goodbye as co-host of the Today Show. With class, professionalism, and grace she navigated a tough on-air situation under even more difficult circumstances. ...more
Sorry to see her go. We will miss you Ann Curry.more

Fashionable Friday #4

It's all about fashion today, and I was going to show some great green pieces for St. Paddy's Day, but yesterday on The Today Show there was a segment about a 90 year-old, Iris Apfel, who is the new face of MAC Cosmetics.   ...more

Locked In The Bathroom And I Blame Bill O'Reilly.

In my house, there is one rule about TV for the kids which is basically if I don't like it, they can't watch it. This works fine for them 99% of the time, and the 1% that it doesn't, I don't care about.  That's right, Mommy is a cruel and ruthless dictator y'all. However, since I can't exactly tell my husband what to watch, we have had to do some negotiating. Here are the terms: he does not have to watch sappy shows with predictable tear-jerking/medical tragedy and I do not have to watch Hunt for Bigfoot on Syfy with him....more
@victorias_view Me too! Seriously. ;-)more

Necessity is the Mother of Invention:

OR..........Necessity is the Mother of Mittens. ...more

Auburn Alumna writes fairy tale book with message

Auburn Alumna writes fairy tale book with message By Sarah Loveless Once upon a time, Auburn alumna Susan Johnston decided it was time to show women of all ages that they could have just as much joy without a "prince charming" as they would with one. So, she wrote a book, Princess Bubble. Johnston graduated in 1988 with a bachelor's degree in public relations, and is a forth generation Auburn graduate. Her Auburn experience with public relations equipped her with the skills needed to do most of the publicity for Princess Bubble. ...more