Swine Flu: Identifying the Symptoms Video

The swine flu epidemic is spreading as more international travelers come home. Unlike many previous flu outbreaks this flu epidemic is infecting a larger number proportionally of otherwise healthy children and young adults. As a parent it can be confusing to figure out what symptoms to watch for. ...more

Go Green: Recycling for Dummies (Like Me)

Did you know that every day the average American produces four and half pounds of trash--75 percent which is  recyclable? ...more

Will 5 Simple Changes Save You $20,000?

If you adopt five simple changes, you could end up richer according to an interview on the TODAY Show with Jeff Yeager, the author of “The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches."  ...more

Does This Salad Make My Butt Look Big?

Going out to eat? Eating a big salad packed with fresh veggies sounds like a good idea. That is until you stop and consider that your salad could also include fat riddled toppings and excess sodium. ...more

Economics of Grocery Shopping

One of these days the Today ...more

I Know More Than You

Sigh. I tire of "parenting experts," parenting books, manuals, seminars, television segments. I've been told that non-fiction parenting books sell, but I could never muster the strength to advise. I mean I was accidentally knocked up in a snowed-in cabin in Tahoe so I'm hardly the parenting expert, and if I did know everything about raising a respectful, smart and happy child, I probably wouldn’t tell. ...more

Sometimes, you have to dump the experts.

We live in a time where lots of people make ...more

The Business of Mommyblogging on The Today Show

My heart sank when this morning's segment on the Today Show started off with Hoda Kotb announcing "... the growing popularity of... 'mommy blogs.'" She used air quotes, and everything. You could've substituted anything bizarre and mystifying in the quotations, actually. "Alien bloodsuckers," or "giant pink sea monsters," for example. I turned to my husband. "This is not going to end well," I said. But first, let me back up. ...more
I love your post. I didn't see the NBC segment, but I love the points you bring up. Especially ...more

Are Plastic Water Bottles Dangerous?

I’ve heard for years that clear plastic bottles are likely to include bisphenol A (BPA) and this harmful hormone-mimicking chemical can leach into the water inside. Recently I stopped reusing the “single-use” plastic water bottles with the “1.” Unfortunately if you try to be eco friendly, you end up with more chemicals leaching into your water the more you reuse the bottle. ...more

Good point. That's why I'm glad you are part of the BlogHer ...more

DIY: Beauty on a Budget

Not so long ago going for a manicure or a pedicure was a splurge. Now professional beauty treatments are becoming a staple. We may have beautiful nails, but the cost of beauty upkeep dramatically increases each time we step into our favorite salon. ...more

Big News for Big Media

The media news roundup for this Saturday includes important new rules from the FCC, ownership changes for two of the nation's largest news companies, an appeal from leading women's media advocacy group and a prominent White House correspondent busting a move. ...more

Hi Maria,
One of the disturbing things about the way this vote was pushed through is that, ...more