No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service. Does this business standard need revamping?

Not so long ago, customers understood the rules. In order to be served or enter a business establishment you had to adhere to easy to follow dress codes. The rules were simple Today, not so much. If you go to London you better have clean clothing. ...more

It is discrimination, and IMO it is wrong.

Whether it is illegal discrimination is a ...more

When You Want to Sell Your Kids, Maybe Just Sell Their Stuff

This past week we had to take away the little angel’s tap shoes. They’re not really tap shoes, but they look just like tap shoes, all patent-leathery and shiny and all that. The problem is that every time the little angel puts them on, she frets and squirms and whines because they are just a wee bit too big. I admit that as I wrenched them off her perfect feet before school the other day and hid them in my closet, I thought how good it would feel to sell them, or maybe her, on Ebay. ...more


I have had numerous moments like that and each time I am always just amazed by the stuff ...more

Princess Bubble on THE TODAY SHOW!

Well, we were on the TODAY Show on Monday and it was so much fun! We got to share wit the country our message that true "Happily Ever After" comes from loving God, helping others and liking who you already are! Girls of all ages need to hear this. To remember that they are princesses. And with 51% of the women single ofr the first time in our country, our message is perfect for this time. If you did not get to see us on the show you can watch a video by going to our site Happily Ever After! ...more