Today's the day my teddy bear had a picnic

The best laid plans of mums… never go according to plan. ...more

My Vow To Read More Books

I have a confession. A year ago, I bought about 10 books, promising myself I would read to Camille as soon as she is born until the day I lost my breath (awwww...)...but 365 days later I am yet to keep that promise. Instead I have resorted to Your Baby Can Read for a wooping sum of $200 and maybe its working but it doesn't replace the actual mommy time I would have loved to spend reading to my child. And then tonight as I read Metropolitan Mama, I felt guilty....more

The Cuddling Rebellion: The Bittersweet Transition from Baby to Toddler

So this is why you get pregnant again!! ...more

You have nailed it. This is totally why I want another baby. Good work, detective!


Sandmen Layoffs?! What next?!

 I was scanning the headlines the other day when I came across some shocking news. “Major cutbacks at Sandman Incorporated”              Across the nation, thousands of Sandmen have received their walking papers....more

Learning how to be a mommy...kind of...

I often think about life pre- and post-baby. I have a 13-month-old baby that I wanted VERY badly. We tried for a month and immediately found out I was pregnant. After 30+  hours of natural labor, I delivered a 7 lb 1/2 oz daughter...for all moms considering natural labor: when you reach hour 24, GET THE EPIDURAL!...more

Welcome note to me from me, that all are invited to read!! this is the beginning of my blogging experience. I'll start by outlining some important information about myself....more

Singing To Your Baby

Singing To Your Baby ...more

Operation Terrible Twos

Out of my intrepid fear of cliches, I may have been unclear with Tuesday's post. Even though we survived the Spawnocalypse--two and a half years of transition from daydreaming newlyweds to sometimes-haggard parents of back-to-back babies--this journey and blog are far from over....more

Awkward. Shameful? Necessary!

Usually awkward, sometimes shameful, and almost always necessary. ...more