How To Survive A Day At The Beach With A Toddler

I forgot what it is like to bring a small wiggly child to the beach. I forgot how needy and curious a wee one is. And how little he can hold in his attention or for what impish amount of time. It’s easy to forget this at home where everything is baby-proofed. But you can’t baby-proof nature. Can you?...more

The Way is Paved With...

Why is it when I start my day with good intentions, they all fall to rot? As I was falling asleep last night I was determined to actually get up when my alarm went off so that I could get going on my day. I did get up when my alarm went off, but mostly because I was telling my son to go back to sleep. I decided to take my shower anyway, even though I knew my son would be complaining by the time I got out, which he was. I couldn’t even get dressed without having to go in and tell him to lay down for a few more minutes. By 6:30, I had him downstairs feeding him....more

Transitional objects can be really helpful in getting kids to sleep in their own beds:

MY SON HAS ALWAYS SLEPT IN HIS CRIB IN HIS OWN ROOM. ABOUT TWO MONTHS AGO HE REFUSED TO SLEEP IN HIS ROOM OR IN HIS CRIB. HELP!photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: Sometimes children will go through periods when they’re scared, especially in the dark when they’re alone by themselves.  In fact, I think it’s a fairly normal stage....more

How (Not) to Change a Diaper

It's not hard to freshen up a baby's undercrackers, right? The procedure is pretty basic: Lie down Rip, rip Unfold Gag Wipe Lift Lower Fold Stick, stick You can then stand back and admire your handiwork safe in the knowledge that there will be no poo-splosion on your watch. Fast forward eight months and the picture isn't so rosy. ...more

How We're Trying NOT to Raise An Entitled Child

I'm sure we've all heard how terrible the world is these days and so much is being blamed on how entitled people are becoming.  I've seen it recently - a woman didn't feel like waiting her turn to cross the road so she barged her beat up old SUV out in front of ours in just enough time not to get nicked by an oncoming car. Ahh ... entitlement  ...more