Talk Time: My Favorite Toddler Toys Edition

Happy Thursday !!! This week is sure going fast in the Long household, Welcome to Talk Thursday. I'm thanking God for Emmett's great play and learning skills this week. The rain has kept us in with exception to the one nice day where we went to the zoo. So for my talk time I'm sharing some of my favorite toddler toys. Enjoy and don't forget to grab the graphic below and link up !!!  ...more

Toddler Eats

I've realized that it has been a hot minute since I addressed baby led weaning and how we are feed Mallory. In all reality, not too much has changed since that original post other than we are fresh out of breast milk. She pissed through her freezer supply of breast milk by the time she hit 13 months and hasn't looked back!  ...more

My kids are my French teachers!

In a week, we will have lived in France for six months. That little fact is pretty hard to believe. We still feel like tourists in some ways. On the other hand, we can hardly imagine not eating our main meal at lunchtime or using cheap, efficient public transport to get around. ...more


we always try to involve grace in our everyday activities.  when possible, we let her help us in the kitchen and when i’m cleaning, i make sure she’s right next to me helping me get rid of our dust bunnies. we always try to expose her to our house tasks (chores) and teach her the importance of taking care of ourselves, our home and each other....more

15 Signs That You Have A Toddler On Your Hands

15 Signs that you are a Mom of a toddler:...more

#BabyHack: No More Dirty Diaper Smell for You!

When you sign up to be a mom, stinky diapers are just a part of the package. And honestly, I really don't mind the whole changing diapers thing, even with a two-month-old AND an 18-month-old that go through diapers like nobody's business. But the thing I hate? Diaper Pails! They are sooooooo gross. ...more
@Kimmy Fix Awesome! Yeah, I'll never go back to diaper pails :)more

Toddler Tales || Flying Edition


Christmas Gift Ideas For Your One Year Old

Initially, I intended to keep things pretty low key for Mallory this year. She is too young to really get excited about Christmas and is perfectly happy playing with the dog food bowls/emptying cabinets.  ...more

Create a Cute Toddler Skirt from a Fat Quarter of Fabric!

Here's a great little tutorial for a quick and easy toddler skirt. Great as a Holiday gift or school break activity. Super eay for beginners, you can use just about any fabric for this lovley little girl's skirt. Choose a festive pattern, or something bright and colourful for the spring - let your creativity run wild! What you will need:...more