Fear of Spiders is Keeping This Child Awake. What Should She So?

MY TODDLER IS AFRAID TO SLEEP ALONE IN HER BED AFTER SEEING A SPIDER.photocreditDR. SUSAN RUTHERFORD: Let's look at what's going on here in order to solve the problem. A toddler had the traumatic, scary experience of seeing a spider and now she is afraid more spiders will come get her when she goes to sleep....more

Showering With Spiders

I’m thinking about showing my 3-year-old the movie Jaws, just to let her know there are scarier things out there, than the shower. Not really, but she’s freaked out by the shower, the way I was freaked out by Poltergeist when I was a kid. Okay, I was several years older, but when does this phase end? I’m pretty sure I’m going to herniate a disk or dislocate a shoulder if she keeps growing, but continuing with this fear. She’s already over 1/3 my size. ...more