I Birthed Goats (Toddler Cuisine for Moms on the Go!)

I am the mother of two hungry, hungry hippos. I'm blessed to have two little girls who are not picky eaters and will try anything. It is very easy to get into a rut with toddlers. Before I had the girls (and of course you're the expert, even before you have children /sarcasm), I promised myself nothing processed, definitely no dino shaped chicken nuggets, and everything would be lovingly made at home.Have you stopped laughing?...more

Zucchini and spinach fritters

One of our favorite dishes in this household is the zucchini fritters....more

Encouraging Toddler Independence with Accessible Snacks

L. is almost two and a half years old and for quite some time now she has preferred to do things on her own.  I consider this a healthy part of growing up even though it frequently tests my patience. For example, she wants to go potty by herself and I let her try. A few days ago she locked herself in the bathroom stall at the aquarium to show me she didn't need my help and that she needed some privacy...she opened it a moment later to tell me she couldn't get on the toilet and accepted my assistance. ...more

And the toddler says, "More eggplant, please!"

Or a version of those words. Which, honestly, sound more like, "Enh, enh, enh!" Coupled with that universal sign for more food -- holding up an empty plate -- I get the message. And last night it was loud and clear. My toddler wanted more eggplant. ...more