Adventures in Walmart with a Toddler, or Just Buy the Damn Froot Loops

We went to Walmart on Sunday. I hadn't been to Walmart in about a year, because there isn't one near me where I live now. But we went on a trip to visit my mom, and there are several Walmarts near her. I wanted to get things we'd need during the trip, and I didn't want to spend a lot of extra money doing so.I realize a trip to Walmart is fraught with ethical, political, and social justice questions for those of us privileged enough to care about such things, but that's not what this post is about.This post is about toddler meltdowns and the management thereof....more

We're Not Alone

Our Friday evenings are filled with tiny tutus and the tiny ballerinas wearing them. Every Friday we send Sophia into a dance studio with the five other little girls and we stand outside the studio peering through the two way mirror with the other parents observing the cuteness and chaos. This past Friday was no different. I made small talk with the other moms when all of the sudden a tiny little person opened the door and declared she had to go potty. Her mom shooed her back into the dance room and shut the door....more


MAYBE IT’S NOT JUST A TANTRUM   We’ve all seen toddlers having meltdowns–throwing themselves face down on the floor, crying, wailing, screaming and behaving in a way that’s embarrassing to their parents and irritating to by-standers.. Is this a natural and normal part of child development or is it something else? New research suggested that a lack of emotional regulation (or self-control) in childhood can predict psychological problems in adolescence and adulthood....more

Does Your Toddler Have a Meltdown When It’s Time to Leave?

Mine does and did so today as we left the library after story time. Our exit resembled more of a riot between protestors and Police. Actually I was expecting the police to show up and haul me away at anytime under the suspicion of kidnapping. I get to the library early so we can play and read books, which helps them release some energy before heading into a room full of 30 other toddlers. This is met with great enthusiasm by the kids....more