@Whymommy Love Fest: Social Media as Virtual Hug

If you concentrate your examination of social media to the low-lying fruit -- the jockeying for followers, the trolls, the question of oversharing -- you miss the story that rarely makes Mashable. The one that is played out in thousands of different ways across the blogosphere on a daily basis. Social media is being used to give a virtual hug. In a fragmented world where your friends may span multiple continents, social media gives people a chance to gather together virtually in a single space and give support. ...more
Social media can be a hug, and Susan deserves one.more

Team WhyMommy's Virtual Science Fair: Supporting Susan Niebur by Embracing Science

You may have noticed all sorts of non-science-y people suddenly embracing nature walks and star gazing this week. That would be due to Stimeyland's brilliant project, Team WhyMommy's Virtual Science Fair, to show Susan Niebur support while she recovers from surgery after the recurrence of her breast cancer. ...more

Sad for the worms, but hopefully, your science project will yield a good meal later in the ...more

When life gets tough, the mom bloggers rally.

I believe we all have days when we feel we are overwhelmed. We have moments that grab us by the throat and threaten to choke out our strength to endure one more callous word, one more pile of dirty laundry or break up one more fight between our kids. And then? Then we are shown what it is like to really have a fight on our hands and our laundry woes seem so petty. ...more

The mommybloggers are also concerned and working behind the scenes to keep each other informed. ...more