What To Do When Your Toddler Stops Sleeping Through the Night:

MY 22-MONTH OLD HASN'T SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR A YEAR. WHAT SHOULD I DO?photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: There are a couple of things this parent might consider. One is, can she go without a nap?...more

All It Takes Is Once

  Did I mention that two weeks ago, Lil Man got sick, and because of his asthma, and it was a bad chest cold, and his breathing wasn't the b...more

The Sleepy Hat


I Don't Need Your Advice About My Toddler's Sleep Issues

Can I tell you a secret? Other moms piss me off. So I’ve decided to turn my FaceBook freak-outs frustration into a handy, informative blog post. For all y’all who have some advice to give. Yes, this is a community. Yes, your feedback is welcome. Yes, I am a huge proponent of everyone learning from each other. With one small caveat. Before you speak, please say the following words to yourself: I AM NOT A PARENTING GENIUS. (Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait.)...more
@SublimeDream But wouldnt you think that she HAS TRIED EVVERYTHING?  Just because you post ...more

Ferritin and Restless Leg Syndrome: Natural Remedies

After about 3 weeks of regular iron supplementation, I started to notice a difference in my son's sleep patterns. He wasn't waking nearly as much, he had stopped kicking/bucking his legs, stopped traveling all over the bed, and didn't want to nurse all night long as he had before. He also started to fall asleep in about 15 -20 minutes versus two hours of running around the house. He was still waking once or twice, but this was a huge improvement from every other hour....more
I just want to add that magnesium (citrate) before bedtime (nature's muscle relaxer) is often ...more

Ferritin Serum & Restless Leg (a very real) Syndrome: Medications

Now that I finally knew my poor 18 month old boy had a low ferritin serum test (15 ng/ml), I was fairly certain that was what had been causing his (and my) sleepless nights. I felt confident that he would soon be on his road to recovery. Not exactly. I tried several different iron products only to find that he hated them or was allergic to their ingredients. It required a great deal of research and I want to be able to pass what I've learned on....more

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the words of praise and encouragement. Curious about the 'remedy' your ...more

Ferritin Serum & Restless Leg (a very real) Syndrome: Diagnosis

I used to laugh at Restless Leg Syndrome commercials. I thought it was a "disorder" that drug companies invented....more

Changing Parenting Techniques: Help Me Escape the Family Bed

While preparing for my son's birth, I carefully researched sleeping arrangements for newborns. I knew that I was having a C-section and that I'd be nursing, so I needed him fairly close. I thought that co-sleeping might be the best option, but I was concerned about the softness of my bed and looked into options that keep him close but in his own "bed." I didn't care for the in-bed sleepers -- that might have been an option with a king-sized bed, but my bed was too small for that....more

Renee, I forgot to add...I taught childbirth education for many years.  One thing I ...more

The Sandman Cometh

In the beginning we slept well. Our Chibby was a superstar sleeping through the night even before 6 months. Though he slept the minimum hours recommended for babies his age he snoozed peacefully curled on my chest or stretched out between us in bed. Then he began to kick in his sleep… so we kicked him out! ...more