Anatomy of a Toddler Tantrum

So then there was that time that my daughter went from being a remarkably-pleasant-to-be-around toddler to a rabid feral cat who dines on dynamite and plutonium, all in the course of two days. This post is about that....more

Just a minute, Baby!

When moms aren't moms, they are judgemental. We all know this, because when we were younger, we were guilty of saying, Oh! why doesn't that Mom attend to her baby and make him stop crying. Fast forward, and when you're on the other side of the fence, and you realize quickly that the cooler your temperament, the easier it is to manage your crying baby. ...more

Separation Anxiety: I'm Being Played...

So my 17 month-old son, yes the one that motorboated the waitress last weekend (click here if you didn’t hear about that one…), is experiencing some massive separation anxiety when I’m not around.  He’s fine with family members but I’ve recently realized that he transforms into a screaming maniac when left with non-family folks.  Today, however, was a game-changer....more

Baby Tantrums

Does your toddler have tantrums? Does it happen at the most inconvenient time, especially while being in public?  Well, you are not alone.  Babies cannot express themselves as well as big kids or adults can, therefor they throw these embarrassing tantrums to get attention and to get what they want.   The main thing that we need to remember and that I learned from personal experience is to not give in to these tantrums under any circumstances. ...more

All We Need is Love

You guys.  You guys…my blond, soft skinned, tender hearted, wild child snuggled in bed with me tonight.  He rested his head on my shoulder and we both let out sighs that said more about our day than words ever could.  Things like tantrums, playing legos with mom, whining, demanding, baking cookies together, inability to cope, mommy is funny when she tries to get my armpits, exhaustion, and love.  I hope there was a lot of love in those sighs-swirling in the air above my bed before slipping away-out the half opened window.  The day is now done.  We’ve done what ...more

Family Fued

This is a partial list of all the things I fought about with my 2.5 year old daughter today: Her dress, her socks, her shoes, cutting her hair, brushing her hair, brushing her teeth, her breakfast, her lunch, her dinner, taking a picture, taking her brother's toys, taking a bath, putting on her diaper, going to bed.Here is a complete list of all the things I fought about with my 4 month old son today: Morning nap, afternoon nap, evening nap, bedtime, taking a bottle....more

Toddlers Taking Control

  Why do toddlers take over?  And how do they do it?They do it because they can, no complicated psychology here, it’s just about them exercising control.  They stop trying if it doesn’t work so it’s up to you to stay in that leadership position with them … more on that in a minute....more

Temper Tantrums What’s A Parent To Do? Self Help Tips


No, there are not any missing tips lol apparently it didn't like the copy and paste from my blog ...more

How to Handle Tantrums

Like with just about anything, there are good ways to deal with tantrums, and bad ways to deal with tantrums. I have some effective ways of not only dealing with tantrums in the moment, but lessening their frequency and intensity, if not stopping them altogether.There's a bit of short term pain for long term gain with this one so be prepared. It's well worth it as if you follow my advice you could have a tantrum-free family. That means less chaos, less stress, and more manners....more

Potty Training in 2 Days

My “Potty Party Manual, How to Potty Train in 2 days” is now available.  This is my first book which is just an extension of the potty training advice in my Toddler DVD.  ...more