I Lied About My Daughter Being Potty Trained- I Wouldn't Suggest It

I'm gonna tell the truth. I lied. I lied to my daughter's pre-school and said she was potty trained. My advice is simple- don't do that. You see I was paying 1,200 dollars a month for childcare. Then I got a letter saying I was eligible for free childcare because I'm a single mom. It was August, two weeks before school and I filled out all the paperwork only to find out that my not even three year old had to be potty trained to attend. I didn't mean to lie, I really didn't. ...more

I love my baby!!!!


Nine Months

This morning, as I was helping Peanut put on her sweatshirt, she said "left hand, right hand" as she was putting them through the sleeves. I nearly fell on the floor. She really likes talking about directions. In the car she'll tell me "Mommy, turn dees way" if she wants to go somewhere (and she always knows which direction takes her to her desired destination). ...more

Thank you Denise. The feelings really do all blend together. it's tempting to pick them ...more

Potty Talk: Simultaneous Success and Failure

We're knee deep in potty training right now, but we've faced some hurdles.  Jonas doesn't mind going to the potty, but as soon as he sits down he wants to get right back up.  If we tried to keep him sitting there, that would start a fight, and the last thing I want to do is fight around the potty. So a friend suggested that we give him some books or candy... anything we can do to keep him occupied so he sits there long enough to pee (or poop.)  Last night I decided that's what we'd do, and I wanted to make a big production out of it too (the way I normally like to do things.) ...more

Chanukah II

I probably should not have gone out at all since I'm still sick. However, I just couldn't take one more day inside. I needed a change of scenery. A friend came over (thank you N!) and helped me take Peanut out for a mini trip to the bookstore/coffee place. Since we were both technically still sick (though Peanut really just has the leftover cough, she certainly isn't acting sick at all), I kept her out of the kids' section with the t-r-a-i-n-s. ...more

Happy Chanukah!

I am in dire need of holiday cheer. Peanut, H and I are still sick. I had no voice for most of the day. So my parents came over for a quiet but lovely dinner and to help out with Peanut. Well, things did not go as planned. They came and we were having a great time all the way up until it was time to light the candles. That is, of course, when the fire alarm went off. Now, I live in a condo/townhouse, so if the alarm goes off in the condo building (which was the case), the alarm goes off in the townhouses as ...more

Why was it easier to teach my cat to pee than my two-year-old?

With the kitties I would point to the place where the box was and simply hiss at them when they digressed. There wasn’t much training, I simply moved them over to where the box was and if they needed a reminder they were promptly shown, again, where the litter box was. Occasionally they would glare at me, vengefully, usually after a long day and the food bowl was low, and piss on the floor right in front of me. Then they would get kicked outside for kitty time-out. ...more

Quiet Day In

I suppose that everyone needs a day like this every once in a while. H is insisting that I lay low this week (I'm not very good at that). He took my car today, ostensibly because it snowed quite a bit last night, and his car is lower than mine so mine is the more practical choice. If we're being honest though, I think he really took it so that I would stay home... he knows I get stir crazy after a few days. It's probably for the best since there is still some... unpleasantness going on with my body and it's ...more

Travelling with a child

Travelling with an infant is not easy but they say its easier than a toddler and I absolutely agree.I have travelled with my son when he was just few weeks old and I used to think it was tough till this journey happened. I was travelling alone with my one year old and he kept me completely on tenterhooks........  To read more click  Here ...more

I Have No Idea How She Picked This One Up...

Habits. How do we get them? Where do we get the idea to develop them in the first place? I assume that with children it's a natural instinct (sucking) that feels good and can lead to a bad habit (sucking one's thumb). I sucked my thumb for much longer than I should have. As a result, I had to get braces and other torture devices to straighten my teeth. It was a tough habit to kick (I was nine, so yeah, I remember). The thing is, I didn't want ...more

Thanks Amber, it's good to know it won't last longer than a year.

And Laura, I spit my ...more