She found the escape hatch.

Earlier this week, I was dropping Luca off at daycare and her nanny (for lack of a better word I call her the nanny, since it's an in-home place with only 4 kids total) mentioned that Luca had picked up a nasty new habit. ...more

Best Things to Look for in a Baby Diaper

Any new parent who has ever been shopping for diapers has quickly discovered that there are a multitude of diaper products available to choose from. The wide variety of choices turns an easy shopping trip into a cumbersome task. We all have the same goal of finding the best diaper for our loving newborn. But what do you look for? What's important. In this commentary, I'll discuss the top things to look for in a baby diaper. ...more

Diaper Review of the Overnites Diapers From Huggies

Is rising in the middle of the night to change your baby's diaper getting old? Fed up? Your baby is cranky and wailing like crazy. You are exausted beyond belief. All groggy, being the dedicated soldier, you fit your baby into their new diaper. Trouble is, now your baby, nor you, can fall back asleep. Does any of this sound familiar? ...more

I myself used Huggies from the time my children were baby's.  I tried other brands and they ...more

Huggies Newborn Gentle Care Diaper Review

Kimberly Clark, the makers of Huggies diapers, is the second leading diaper brand and a trusted name in baby products. Throughout the years, they have continuously evolved their product line to meet the changing needs of parents. One such product that I am going to discuss is the Huggies Newborn Gentle Care diapers, which is a Huggies product made for babies up to eighteen pounds. ...more

Luvs Diapers Review

In this article, I am going to take a closer look at Luvs baby diapers. Luvs disposable diapers are a baby product that has been a household name for years and is a great solution for parents looking for a high quality baby diaper at an affordable price. Some of the benefits of Luvs diapers are: ...more

We're cloth diapering now, but we used Luvs for years.  We tried everything on the market, ...more

Two Days

I wasn’t prepared to miss my daughter so much when I went away on a women’s retreat this weekend. And while I sooo needed the chocolate hour, massage and plenty of girly time my heart was broken by her sad face when I left. All day long I had tried to explain it to her, but of course since she’s not even two yet this was like trying to catch water with open hands. She understood though, as soon as I sat perched in my friend’s van and I started to hand her back to daddy. The look that followed this new understanding was one of utter abandonment. “You. Don’t. leave. Me. ...more

I would push over a nun.

I am a competitive person. To a scary degree. There is this sweet, adorable person in my life who is the best friend a person could ever have (Bo Bee Sah). She got in her car and searched the city for me when she knew I had a bad day once. ...more

My full lap

It’s five in the morning. My daughter is perched looking at the screen, probably hoping I’ll start playing with the Pokey dog. Poor kid, only dog she has is a computer one. And now she’s laughing at the screen, I’m not sure why. It’s just the Microsoft Word Processor page. I see it so much all day long it makes me cry. Not Kaiya, boy that screen is funny. It’s her dorky laugh, one that is more of a guffaw than anything. Also on my lap is my big black kitty. Who occasionally stretches out a claw to swat at Kaiya. I think to claim more space on my lap. ...more

Clumsy people are good on crutches

No seriously, we are. It’s because we have so much practice on them. As I was whizzing down the hallway to yet another doctor’s appointment the technician put up his hands like a traffic cop and even said a couple of ‘whoas‘. In case you are wondering if you missed the post about why I’m on crutches, don’t worry, you didn’t. There wasn’t one because the story is neither sexy nor cool nor cute. ...more

Whisper Laugh

I taught her how to whisper the other day. It came in handy this morning when she was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:04am and kept bringing me books to read, toys to play with and juice bottles to open. All of this with whispered words between both of us, and I was quite impressed at how well she was doing remembering to whisper. Then she took it one step further as something, God only knows what, struck her as funny and she started to laugh. Even then she looked at me while she silently guffawed. ...more

She makes it hard not to fawn over! I was away from her for two days for the first time recently ...more