Who are you?

Who are you? Friday 24th October 2008 - 8:32:56 AM Edit this entry ...more

The Reflection

A big part of the frustration of motherhood is that it's something most of us do alone the majority of the time. It's not the same as being at work where you can celebrate your accomplishments and commiserate about failures. It's rewarding to see your little one accomplish things, grow, become a wonderful human being, but you're really just a coach on the sidelines... and no one is watching the game. ...more

The Harvest

Every culture (that I know of) has some sort of celebration based on the harvest. We celebrated Thanksgiving last week, and our friends in the United States have yet to celebrate. So perhaps, in this time of plenty (despite the economic crisis), we should remember that there are those who would look at our Thanksgiving feasts and wonder why we are using more food than they have ever seen in one place at one meal. I love the holidays as much as anyone and it gives me a great deal of pride (in a truly primal way) to ...more

Language: The Hanen Centre (and a Giveaway!)

As parents we want to give our children the best start in life. In last night's US debate, the candidates talked about parents "stepping up". At first it bothered me. Blaming parents for the failures of our education system (and in Canada we're not much better) is ineffective. It does not solve the real problems that plague our education system. I refuse to believe that North American parents are any better or worse at preparing their children for school than any other parent in any other country. That ...more

Peaceful and Stress-free travel with kids

      I recently read an article about the challenges of flying with young children and was not surprised to hear that parents experience high levels of stress and anxiety from the experience; however, I was amazed at how much anger and resentment other passengers directed at the traveling parents.  Some readers commented that parents were “selfish” to travel with young kids and that the kids should be “drugged” with Benadryl. ...more

Toilet Training Update

Peanut is very excited about her new "underwear". I purchased some training pants today to test them out. I was going to put them on after her nap, but she was insistent that she wanted to wear "underwear" right then, so I gave in. We went to the toilet (she didn't do anything, but I'm persisting with the routine) and I put them on and explained to her that if she has to go, she should tell me and we'd go together. She said no. When I asked if she'd tell Daddy, she said yes. ...more

My son-almost 3- loves the color pink and adores princesses. He also loves hello kitty and ...more

My Manic Monday Post

Last week I mentioned the difficulties that we have had with Peanut and her < ...more

From the H Files (this one is funny)

H and I have a system. I get up with Peanut three mornings a week and he gets up with her four mornings a week. Since he works until 6:30 or later most nights (and she goes to bed at 7:30), it's a nice way for him to get an extra hour with her (she wakes up at 7:30 and he has to start getting ready for work by 8:30). Today was his morning. ...more

Maybe not a failure. But here we are, a year and a half later and Peanut is using the potty by ...more

Music for young children..

I recently discovered some great music for toddler age kids called MyTunes (www.artistrymusic.net/kids/mytunes).  I found it for sale on iTunes and downloaded the first volume (MyTunes 1) to check it out.  The music is so lively that you can't help but sing and dance along. My kids and I enjoyed making up movements to accompany the words. The Activity Reference Guide was an extra that I really appreciated. I used the suggestions to guide us in singing the songs. I am looking forward to taking this on our next family road trip. ...more

Am I Wearing a Sign?

Perhaps one that says "advice needed"? Because I assure you Ms. General Q Public, I'm doing just fine without it. Why is it that when people encounter parents, many of them feel the need to offer their advice or opinion? Here's what happened to me today: ...more