Afraid of French?

Yesterday we had our first French class at the Alliance Francais (AF). I took classes at the AF when I was in high school because I really wanted to be able to speak French fluently. It worked. By the time I graduated, I was bilingual. Unfortunately, since then I have not had much of a chance to use the French I learned. The beautiful thing about the AF is that the classes are truly French immersion. As soon as you walk through the door, you will hear only ...more


5:00AM: Doggie diarrhea spotted under high chair. 5:30AM: Screaming JJ wakes to a remarkably full diaper. Fortunately, no leakage. 7:00AM: Catch a whiff of something foul when lifting Casey out of his booster seat. Giant poo log goes rocketing out of his shorts when attempting to change. Poo everywhere. ...more

The 'Me Too' Syndrome

My husband and I talked about having three children from the time we knew that we would be getting married. Well, initially he wanted to have six kids, but I managed to talk him down—thinking that six might be just a bit too much to afford. Three seemed like a nice number. ...more

Using the Toilet

I casually mentioned to H this morning that we would soon be buying training diapers for Peanut. She pees on the toilet between one and three times a day now (though she has yet to poop). The thing is that she doesn't tell us when she has to go most of the time. He now thinks we need to buy training diapers this second. He's driving me crazy. ...more

Gender Again...

Last week while I was on my way to mail invitations to Peanut's birthday party, she stopped me in the mall and wanted to go into a store. It was a kids store that sold mostly clothes, but they also have dolls. She decided that she wanted one. I have no problems with getting her a doll, if it's what she wants (read, if it's not forced on her by a member of my family) so I went down the ...more

We've got new Chase n' Sky at Lucky for Baby!

New for Fall, Chase n’ Sky has great, comfortable and still very girlie clothes for the colder season.  Pink cotton pants with net ruffles at the hem, pink ballet tops with net ruffles at at the sleeves, pink cotton skirts layered with netting, pink cotton smocked tops, and party dresses with lots of ruffles in black, ivory and red. ...more

Breastfeeding is Fun

At least Peanut thinks so! I know I wrote about the time I looked in the rear-view mirror to find her breastfeeding Ernie. Well, this has become a regular part of her play. It's so adorable. It makes my H very uncomfortable (but then again, so did my breastfeeding). He'll get over it, I'm sure, just as he did when I breastfed. She is also starting to understand the concept of "pretending"... Read more... ...more

Scribbles: Captured moments with my nephew at one-year old

Dear David, It's Sunday morning. I am still in my pajamas and only half-awake when I hear your mom’s knock at our door. And there you are, too. In your green shirt and boy shorts. Your first tan. Your hair all raised up like a monster’s into golden spikes of sunblock. Today, you’ve come to show me how you’ve learned to say “auntie.” And when you smile at me this morning, as I jump over the balcony to scoop you out of your stroller, you seem so full of recognition that I’m stung by a million bumble bees of love for you. ...more

A Terrible Mother

I am a terrible mother.   Wait, before you stop reading and just go "yeah, great, another mother who is beating herself up because she can't live up to 100% organic or whatever," let me explain. ...more

My heart goes out to you.      more

Actually Counting!

The developments are coming fast and furious these days. When Peanut first learned to count, I wasn't sure if it was just reciting the numbers or if she actually "got" what it meant. Well, I'm sure now. She has started counting everything. She asked for three pieces of cantaloupe for dessert tonight. She then counted as I put them into her bowl! ...more