Mommy! Your shirt! It has a staaaaaaain!

My 21-month old son Jonathan is now in the habit of pointing at stains on my shirt and screaming like a girl — as if I have a knife sticking out of my chest. Or as if he has just seen me naked. He's so much like his father, it's not even funny. No. Really. It's not funny. ...more

It's So Etsy: Pretty in Pink TuTu for Girls

 Little girls (and big girls) love to play dress up. This handmade Pretty in Pink TuTu is perfect for dancing or playing princess. ...more
I am totally in love with the tutu dresses ( that are super ...more

An emergency room visit with a toddler

The lady behind the desk at the ER asked for our son’s last and first name. “Yeah, he should be in there. We’ve been here a lot.” Crickets chirping. “I mean because of his ear infections.” More crickets. “Not because we beat him or anything.” Nervous laugh. “We would never do that. Beat him. Or anything.” Nervous laugh. “We’re not those type of people.” Crickets chirping. Clearing throat. ...more

I really am lucky!

The other day at the birthday party in NYC, I met another mom. We got to talking and I said "How old is your daughter?" She said "22 months". I said "Mine too". She said "Really, when is her birthday?". I said "9.21" She said "wow, mine is 9.23". I said "where did you deliver?" ...more

My 1st time at Summer Camp! And I am a MOM!

I enrolled B in a two week full day of summer camp fun at our local YMCA. I dropped off his vaccination records this morning and yes I am late in doing so but "whew" it got there. As we were driving home, I was thinking about the guideline pamphlet I earlier in the morning and the "LOST CAMPER" header camp to mind. I know the staff is very responsible and well educated professional counselors. I also know things can happen. ...more

Yes, we have to let go. In reality, ywe have higher odds of ...more

Rule 1: If you plan on having your child sleep  in your bed as a baby; then be prepared to suffer the consequences ...more

Climbing Mt. Crib

  I was exhausted all morning, and looked forward to Maya’s nap with more excitement than you could ever imagine. ...more


June 5th, 2008 The recent warm weather and burst of spring showers had prompted my son into a desire for puddle jumping. Of course, the rubber boots he donned last year were far from fitting onto his now three-year-old toes, so off to the store we went to get a new pair. ...more

love itmore

To Do It or Not To Do It. That is the question.

How do you deal with a toddler when you have a baby on your boob? On top of having almost ZERO hours of sleep? How do you get up and fix food for someone else and care so much about them when you feel terrible and are pregnant and all you want to do is sleep and throw up? ...more