Kiddie Art: Watercolors with Glue and Salt

Welp, it's exactly mid-January, and unless you live in Hawaii, there's a good chance you're getting as stir crazy as we've been around here. A quick recap:We moved during the last week of December.Unpacked for a week or so.Eliza got sick and took Liv with her, so we were home-bound while Duff was out of town for 4 nights.We all got better, and the sky dumped rain, rain, and more rain on us for another full week.Which brings us  to...ah, yes. Today. What are we to do in this, the bleak midwinter? ...more

Outdoor summer art activities

 The other day temps were in the mid 80's and the last thing the tot and I wanted to do was anything in the house. Sure, it's always fun to bring markers and crayons outdoors, but there are also lots of fun ways to get crafty with summer outdoor art activities that keep everyone cool. Along with helping hone fine-motor skills, these toddler tested (and approved!) projects can be done over and over and over and over.......more

Sticker finger paint

 @heathersteele03 We used drawing paper (not printer paper), which is a bit heftier, so the ...more

Three Spring Butterfly Crafts

Spring brings new life.  Spring also means BUGS!  I don't ever remember so many bugs.  *splat*Instead of bemoaning the entirety of bug-dom, we shall enjoy one fluttery creation - butterflies!  Let's celebrate their colorful lives a bit today...Click here to see pics and how to's...

Everyone Is Back to School but Me! -- Toddler Edition

My kid is three and is switching from a home-based daycare to an outdoor preschool, and even though he isn't going to a standard type of school that requires the fun of new notebooks and school supplies, I thought it would be fun to make it seem special by crafting up some fun new things for him to associate with his new school experience. ...more

What great ideas! Thank you! I'm always looking for ways to make the little one feel ...more

A Dragon and a Spider

We’ve been taking advantage of the prevailing good humour by crafting.Or plotting it, which takes at least twice as long as the actual event. A two year old’s attention span combined with bad planning can sometimes lead to a non event. I always forget something. Always....more