Dinner for one: Eating by yourself

I know several moms who have multiple children with active schedules. Those Moms spend their evenings and weekends chauffeuring their children to various sports activities, musical activities and dance lessons. I'm always amazed by that (think of the planning and coordination that takes), and I usually have one question for them: Where do you find the time for dinner?...more

I can do it....I CAN

Yep, I can.  I can do stuff.I can:...more

Working Together

.Feb. 6, St. Theophane Venard, Mk. 6-7-13, Working Together...more

It Sounds So Good and Then . . .

the price tag. How much information (books, cds, dvds, downloads, e-books, memberships,etc) have you purchased that weren't what you were looking for? Didn't provide value....more

Take Good Care of Yourself, You Belong to Us

    Practice healthy self care to support your self, then your families, your friends, your communities and the planet....more

The Birthday Effect

    Happy sparklers, picnics, good music, baseball games, flowers, sprinklers, s'mores, bottle rockets, laughter, cold drinks, sharing, pinwheels, road trips, spanking machine, dancing, summer celebratio...more

Don't Hope They Go Away On Their Own

    Feelings are a valuable non verbal language that help us navigate life. Emotions help us decide and act....more


    "Nature is full of infinite causes that have never occurred in experinence." ...more

The Sky is Falling. . . .

    Not for me it isn't, it's expanding...more


"A friend is someone who dances with you in the sunlight, and walks with you in the shadows."~ Anand Singh   Hello Summer   I encourage and assist ...more