It’s a Time of TOGETHERNESS: The Complete First Season on Bluray

There is nothing like a little TOGETHERNESS as HBO Entertainment brings the first Season to Bluray. Living in Los Angeles is married couple Brett (Mark Duplass) and Michelle (Melanie Lynskey). They are in the process of working out the kinks of marriage while also coming to grips with being parents. Best bud Alex (Steve Zissis) is hanging out with Tina (Amanda Peet), who also happens to be Michelle’s sister! Alex can’t decide if he can return to his acting gig and Tina is trying to accept getting older. ...more

Meals on the run

I am a fast eater. Probably too fast. Most days it takes me longer to prepare a meal than it does for me to eat it....more

Taking back my lunches

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how we are all eating more and more meals by ourselves. When it comes to lunches, that doesn't really bother me. What bothers me is that I am eating those meals at my desk....more


JOY exists while family members are together;FUN exists when friends come together;And...more

Making Distance Work for Your Relationship

By virtue of growing up on an island where everyone was constantly coming and going, I have had more than my fair share of long-distance relationships and learned a great deal of lessons -- the hard way. If you're in the same boat right now, dive in. Distance doesn't have to spell the end of romance. In fact, just the opposite -- if you're willing to step outside the box. ...more
This is great advice @AVFlox.  Awesome post!more

Three Peas in a Mailbox

Almost four years ago, I left everything behind except for my kitchen table, pictures, books, and my sanity. The monkeys and I started fresh. We worked on healing and coming together as a family of three. One night, not long after we moved into our little townhouse, I had a weird notion that we needed a family motto. Supertween came up with "three peas in a pod." Timesboy came up with "three envelopes in a mailbox."...more

Reincarnation strengthens family ties, while the uniqueness of the existence breaks


."Who, at the end of his career, do not regrets to have acquired an experience too late that no ...more

I'm Tired of Parenting. So There.

It's January. The holidays are over. My five-year-old doesn't want to go back to kindergarten, nor does she want to play with the toys and games we've played with over and over and over ad nauseum for the past two months. It's too cold to go outside for more than an hour. Every indoor play place looks like a snot-smeared petri dish. I've run out of plot twists for the Barbies' pool parties. I'm so done. ...more

I have seven kids. Three are mine, four are my second husbands. We've been married for 10 years, ...more

The freedom to just ask

Freedom. Feeling free is the last thing I experience right now. However determined to give freedom a go I have to keep going!No turning back to the padded cage for me, I have a Garden of Eden beckoning me.   We have done it!The house is for sale. We got the painter in and of course we signed up with a Real Estate agent. Now that it is all official, I have a hard time coping with not knowing how it all is going to pan out. ...more