Down The Drain

 There was a lot of crying today at the pediatrician's office. It wasn't caused by Linus getting his flu shot or Alice's throat culture.Josie flushed one of her favorite toys down the toilet. I don't usually allow the kids to bring toys to the doctor's office. Alice's temperature was nearing 104 and Josie had been playing with her Kawaii Crush doll all morning, so I decided to give in when they asked to bring something special to play with....more

Can You Really Get a Sexually Transmitted Disease from a Toilet Seat?

Here's the situation: you desperately need to use the toilet, but there's no other option than the bathroom at the public park or service stations. Public toilets scare you, and you probably try hard not to think about the various disease-causing germs that might be spread all over the seat and bowl. But is it really possible to catch STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) from a toilet seat? ...more
My mother still believes it's possible ... ** sighs **. I remember the clueless idiots I hung ...more

Do You Use the Toilet in Front of Your Spouse?

Does using the toilet in front of your spouse suggest intimacy or is it completely unnecessary? SimplyJune weighs in. Her position: "What on earth is so important that you can not wait a few minutes? What life crisis made talking through the bathroom door unacceptable? What topic is so serious, you don't mind hearing random sound effects? It's just so wrong!" What do you think? ...more
No, I am very private.more

This Is Awkward

Me: (in the shower)The fireman: Momma! I fell in the toilet!...more
Very funny :)more

From the mouths of babes

Just found this on my desk, after I returned from washing the dinner dishes.My 8-year-old daughter tends to leave little suprises like this for me all the time, be it a little drawing, a story, or an arts-and-crafts project.I am a very entertained mom :)   ...more
 @motherofnine9 Thanks Melanie :) I predict a career as a lawyer or a wise ass TV commentator, ...more

The King's New Throne

We're in the process of moving into our new home, and over the last several days, we've slowly started bringing things from our rental up to the house....more

All I'm Asking Is: Don't Be a Pig -- Day 92 of ONE GOOD DEED

There’s piggy, and then there’s gross.Here’s piggy:Today I was at Starbucks and went to pick up my Pumpkin Spice Latte at the end of the counter. I put my hand down and ugh! sticky, tacky coffee spill. OK, that’s bound to happen over and over at a coffee shop. I try to clean it up as best I can (yes, people, I did spit on my hand to clean it, but not on the napkin I used to clean the counter)....more

Dragging out my old soapbox again

There are so many stories about our move it’s hard to know where to start. So I won’t- more about the move later. In the meantime, we’ve been eating out a lot since I have no kitchen; and while at a restaurant the other night, I got perturbed about something. Was it the food? No. Was it the service? No. It was the bathroom. Was it dirty? No. Was it out of TP? No. So what what is you ask?...more

The iTurd

BLORP!That's the sound of one's iPhone dropping into the toilet, post-pee. ...more

this happens all the time with my friend, but most of the time in the laundry tub. when your ...more

Maximizing Every (Toilet) Moment