Make an Israeli Breakfast with Salad and Pita

In traditional Israeli form, my husband and I just had an argument about what should be included in an Israeli breakfast. I insisted on hummus. My husband did that little annoying Israeli tongue-click and told me that he had never, ever seen hummus served at breakfast. He added white cheese (blech!), which would never make it to my Israeli table. In the end, he won because he pointed out that I almost never eat breakfast anyway, therefore had no leg to stand on about what was being served. ...more

I love salad in the morning, and people think that's odd. But vegetables always sound more ...more

Unforgettable Salsa


Sassymonkey - yes - it is great to make in winter.  I am looking for a good fresh salsa ...more

It's Time To Start Thinking About Heirloom Tomatoes

Every though tomato-growing season is months away in the northern hemisphere, it's not too early to start thinking about it, especially if you're going to be planting heirloom tomatoes. Also called heritage tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes are non-hybrid varieties of open-pollinated tomatoes. The name heirloom refers to how the seeds of some tomato varieties were passed on for generations, and there's widespread agreement among tomato lovers that heirloom tomatoes are often more flavorful than hybrid varieties. ...more

The first year we had our square foot garden, TW introduced me to Mr Stripey. I was leery but ...more

If You Have Ripe Tomatoes and Fresh Basil, It's Time for Caprese Salad

Caprese salad or Insalata Caprese is famous enough to have its own Wikipedia entry, and serious food lovers wait all year for fresh tomato season so they can make this salad, literally translated as "Salad in the style of Capri." Of course the traditional salad trio of tomatoes, buffalo mozarella, and fresh basil leaves is just a starting point for Caprese Salad lovers. ...more

That must be why it's such a classic, it's just so delicious.

Kalyn Denny