Mexican Rice

This rice. Oh man. This rice. It’s so good. Do I start a lot of my blog posts that way? I feel like I do. Hey. I’m passionate about these recipes. That should make you feel good. I don’t post gross stuff. ...more

Simple Pasta Caprese

I'm sitting on my couch sipping some white wine, wishing I had more mozzarella cheese because I really want to make this dish again. It was so quick and simple, which has been great this week because I'm dealing with a sick kitty cat....more

There's Corn in My Ketchup!

When I told the boys one of the ingredients in their beloved ketchup was corn they looked at me like I had three heads. Then I hit them with another whammy; ketchup is also made from tomatoes. Wow, were they shocked!...more

Spring onions and heirloom tomatoes tagliolini pasta recipe

Fresh spring onions and heirloom tomatoes combined together for a delicate and light pasta sauce. A 20 minutes easy to prepare recipe for your family and, as always, kids’ friendly.Enjoy!!  ...more

Easy, Elegant Appetizer: Caprese Stacks With Prosciutto

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. We dined out one evening while we were recently in Florida and my husband asked the chef to create a new appetizer by adding some pan-seared prosciutto to a tomato mozzarella salad they had on the menu. He said it was fabulous and asked me to replicate the recipe again when we got home. Since our actual anniversary was last Tuesday, I decided that since we would be eating dinner at home that evening, I would make these Caprese Stacks with Pan-Seared Prosciutto to surprise  him. ...more
Thank you The Dinner Daily. The prosciutto really crisps up nice and adds a wonderful flavor to ...more

Super Simple Bruschetta

It’s rare for bruschetta to miss the mark. After all, the garlic, tomato and olive oil combo make it a perfect complement to most anything and it’s a quick appetizer to make ahead for parties. I like to serve it with fresh Parmesan because cheese makes everything better....more


This isn’t your traditional fresh tomato salsa, I like to cook mine and then chill it.  I’m not sure where I came up with this but man it works!  This recipe is great in the months that tomatoes aren’t in season and are therefore lacking in flavour.  I love tomatoes I’m sure you’ve noticed but in case I haven’t stressed it enough: tomatoes keep you young looking!

Roasted Tomato Jam

Tomato Jam Roasted with Spices and GarlicWe are one week into October; and we have not yet had a killing frost. Since it is a rainy weekend, and there is an abundance of tomatoes, I decided to make tomato jam.I have not made tomato jam before; but since I like chutneys I thought a zesty jam would be great....more

Roasted Tomato Hummus

I know I must seem like I’m stretching the whole roasted vegetable thing, and the whole hummus thing but I swear; it’s really good!  This is great as a starter or even as a spread on a sandwich and with autumn officially here, we can all use extra tomato recipes in our arsenal!  ...more