The Modern Fried Green Tomato

Fried green tomatoes are common fare on the Southern table. When the first tomato of the season begins to form, rather than salads and salsas, I start daydreaming of fried tomatoes....more
@HomeRearedChef Thank you for the kind words, Virgina. I just added four new beefsteak tomato ...more

roasted garlic herb cherry tomatoes

This does truly look amazing! I plan to use this same recipe for my bigger tomatoes, some which ...more

Grilled Bratwurst, Bell Peppers, Sweet Yellow Onions and Tomatoes

Grilled Bratwurst, Bell Peppers, Sweet Yellow Onions and Tomatoes  What are you cooking this Fourth of July weekend? How about Grilled Bratwurst, bell peppers, tomatoes and onions with a side of potato fries. You can serve the Brat’s without a bun smothered with the grilled bell peppers, tomatoes and onions and a splash of spicy mustard, my hubby Doug prefers plain ordinary mustard....more

Gardening with the Babies

This weekend, my children and I decided the overgrown garden needed our help. They are always very eager for fun garden activities - like harvesting the strawberries - but I didn't think I was going to get such enthusiasm when I asked for help this time. The middle one, who is 7, said she wanted Mama time and offered to come and help me with the weeds....more

Curried Leeks in Phyllo Cups

 Sometimes a woman just wants appetizers for dinner.  I am a woman.  And I occasionally make appetizers for dinner.  There. I have admitted my shameful food secret.  But it's really not shameful when there are leeks and curry involved.  ...more

How to Roast a Tomato + 8 Ingredients to Inspire Your Creation!

Today, I'm passing along a ...more

i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

Apologies and thanks to U2; it was too easy. One of the neat bits of information that WordPress offers on the "stats" page for my blog is a section showing recent "Top Searches". This  shows what were folks actually looking for on WordPress when they were directed to andthenmakesoup. I thought that this week it might be nice and possibly helpful to respond to a few of these queries which have never actually been addressed by this blog....more

Lunch for the Girls: Fresh, Flavorful Whole Wheat Penne and Roma Tomato Salad

Sunny days alternating with a little much-needed rain here in Central Texas has given us an abundance of ripe Roma tomatoes....more

How Does Your Garden Grow?-Aroma Cucina

How Does Your Garden Grow?-Aroma Cucina 'Tis orto season! This year we planted tonnage...what was I thinking? Should be a bountiful season if our garden mascot does her job properly. What's in your garden? ...more