Summer Fest: A Celebration of Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

The Summer Fest theme this week is tomatoes, and I can't think of a better thing to talk about than slow-roasted tomatoes. I made these for the first time last September and they were absolutely amazing. Although I made them a few more times throughout the year with grocery store cherry tomatoes, I've been waiting for some good summer tomatoes to roast. ...more

I love slow oven-roasted tomatoes, great for a quick salad or sandwich. Thanks for the great ...more

Salsa - Hot & Fresh

The Souper Gathering my fresh produce definitely stimulates my imagination. The colors inspire me to create in the kitchen. Today I must make fresh Salsa. I cut chosen veggies and put them into a large bowl.I use a serrated knife to cut tomatoes on a cutting board. A sharp kitchen knife can be used for all other veggies.TomatoesGreen & Red PeppersLarge Sweet OnionSeveral Cloves of Fresh Garlic1-2 Ears of Fresh, Cooked Corn on the Cob (in season)(peel the husks of corn, wash in cold water, wrap in wax paper and microwave for 4-6 min. on high....more

Dinner at 6

Tonight my table is covered in nature's bounty, giving credit to an ephemeral entity.  Almost everything from my garden is represented on the table, bright yellow corn, deep red tomatoes, dark green peppers, lighter green cucumbers and zucchini.  Some might find this way of eating strange- we serve whatever we picked that day....more

Week 18 - Tomatillo Salsa and Pork Carnitas

I'm living one year without convenience foods, cooking everything from scratch. Check out my latest blog post!

Heirloom Tomatoes - A real treat.

The Souper Have you tried an Heirloom tomato this season? Check out a simple snack or appetizer recipe using fresh Heirloom tomatoes, good extra virgin olive oil, toasted rustic bread and sprinkle of dried basil. Optional: add fresh cheese of choice and there you have a healthy, nutritious snack or appetizer....more

No Pink Tomatoes

Last Saturday was a typically sultry June day in Austin, Texas, but I was willing to bear the heat and humidity while taking in the late spring abundance at our farmers’ market. This is a busy time of year for our markets because although the strawberries are long gone, the peaches and blackberries have arrived and those most popular of all locally grown gems, tomatoes, are vine-ripened and ready for purchase.  One vendor after the next had piles of juicy, deep red, fragrant, and beautiful tomatoes....more

The Oscar-Worthy Garden in It's Complicated: I'd like to thank Meryl...

Rhonda Fleming Hayes It was Christmas time, not the time when one's attention turns to garden blogs. On a lark, I thought to write about the gorgeous kitchen garden in the new movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep. Who would have thought it would become the most popular post on my little seedling on a new garden blog? ...more

Summer stacks: Salads that show off your heirlooms

Years ago, before I started growing tomatoes, and when I was just coming to grips with the level of tomato obsession I indeed harbor, I went to a farmer's market in downtown D.C. after work. At a particular stand, I picked through a pile of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, all shapes and sizes and colors, and picked out six. The farmer weighed them, put them in a bag, handed it back to me and said, "That'll be $18." I blinked at him, looked down at the money in my hand, and handed it over. I should have known, right then, that I had a problem. ...more

Dawnielle, onion rings as in fried onion rings? 

--- Genie, more

Digging the Dirt: Late Blight is Destroying Tomatoes and Farmers

Question: This year, did you purchase your vegetable gardens plants from a big-box home improvement/garden center store?  Or did you start your plants from seed, or purchase starters from your locally supplied nursery?  The decision of many home gardeners -especially first-time vegetable gardeners- to plant starters purchased from big-box stores is being called the reason for the Late Blight that has destroyed tomato crops along the North East and Midwest. ...more


I'm truly heart broken for the local organic farmers who were trying to meet a ...more

Tips for Preserving the Harvest.

I thought it was fascinating that many of the respondents to BlogHer's question: How do you practice a sustainable lifestyle? answer with some theme of gardening.  The same day I read this, I was chatting with a friend who mourned the loss from peeling all her peaches to make jam.  I realized that many may be embarking on the food preservation trail without all the help and guidance they could use.  So here we will be gathering tips and ideas for preserving ...more


While there are some fussy fruits and combos that may take a while to finally jell, I ...more