"You Confounding Kids!"

By Mike Laursen A lot of people complain that teaching cursive handwriting is disappearing from our schools. ...more
Weird, I can see your comment on my phone, but I couldn't from my laptop. Sometimes it does make ...more

The Incredible Lightness of Play


Tomboys and Pretty Little Girls: Why Should She Have to Choose One or the Other?

I’ve seen a few things in my online adventures recently that reminds me that little boys are supposed to be wild and get dirty and little girls are supposed to be pretty and gentle. This encourages me to get my daughter out playing in the dirt. Yesterday she was dressed in yoga pants and a shirt with a nice warm sweater and she was asking for her hat. We knew that her summer hat would not do. Joe fished her Ottawa Senators baseball cap out of our ‘outdoor accessories’ basket. With the cap on top of her messy hair that I no longer expect to be able to tame (just like Mommy’s), she looked like a tomboy and I told her so. Today I’m re-thinking my word....more
We have almost four year old triplets and an almost one year old boy. Our triplets are two boys ...more